Thursday, November 16, 2017

Top Tips For Looking After Sick Kids ♥

As much as we would love to protect our children and stop them from getting ill or injured, we can’t always do that and sometimes, we shouldn’t. Wrapping them up in cotton wool, never letting them go near other children in fear that they’ll be exposed to illnesses or hurt themselves can delay their development, stop them having fun and put them at a greater risk of becoming more seriously ill as they get older.

While vaccinations are in their best interest and you should always do your best to teach them how to keep themselves safe, the occasional bump, bruise or common childhood illness will help to strengthen both their immunity and their resolve. It’ll help make them stronger as they get older.

That said, seeing your children unwell is never pleasant and looking after them can be tough. Here are some top tips to follow when your child is ill.

Encourage Good Hygiene

Good hygiene is your first defence against coughs, colds and other contagious bugs, so encourage your children to wash their hands and teach them the best ways to keep clean to avoid spreading their bugs around the house.

Let Them Eat What They Want

When we’re unwell it can be hard to eat and drink. Everything tastes different and you can completely lose your appetite. While most of the time we want to watch our children’s diet and make sure they are eating the right things to help them to grow fit and healthy, it’s okay to let things slide a little when they are unwell. It’s better for them to eat lots of fruit and veg obviously, but a few treats will make them happy and help them feel like themselves.  

Snuggle Up

Wrapping up warm is essential when we are poorly, especially over the winter time. If they want to stay in bed for longer, let them, but if they’d rather be downstairs, or you want to keep an eye on them, bring their bedding down and snuggle up with them. Comfort them as much as you can.

Get the Old Favourites Out

Children today grow up ridiculously fast, before you know it, they’re watching more grown-up TV and playing video games instead of with toys. Something about being ill however tends to regress them a little. You may find they suddenly long for their old cuddly toys and favourite DVDs. Get them all out and make the most of it.

Take Time Off

As a parent, you are entitled to take some time off work when your dependents are ill. Speak to your employer and take a little time off. Having you close will help your child to recover and make you feel better about the situation.

Lots of Rest

Yes, the patient needs to rest, but, you do too if you don’t want to be struck down with the same bug. Lots of rest and early nights all around.

Know When to Call the Doctor

You shouldn’t take your child to the doctors if they are suffering from something contagious like the norovirus, and they probably don’t need to go for a common cold. But, trust your instincts. If you have any doubts, try NHS GP at Hand where you can get advice and support without having to go into your doctor’s surgery.


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