Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Day My Baby Became A Toddler ♥

I was blessed to have a baby for eighteen and a half months, but yesterday, my little baby Beau (as he will probably forever be affectionately referred to) became a toddler.

It's funny that I was able to witness this so clearly, but you see, Beau has been so chilled out ever since he was born, that as the months went on and babies I knew of who were born after him were beginning to walk and talk, Beau just chilled out, taking his time and was in no rush to grow up at all.

I have to admit, I relished this. I didn't want him to grow up. I love having a baby and the longer I could cling onto this stage the better I felt, but yesterday he decided it was time to finally let it go and become a 'big boy'.

It started when he woke up without his beloved dodie in his mouth - usually he's clinging to the thing for dear life (it seems to be the only thing to give him comfort from teething, something which he's desperately suffered with). As I picked him up and led him down the stairs he suddenly started babbling away and spouting actually words - yes, cars, light... then he said it "mama", he actually called me mama for the first time and my heart melted.

Mama isn't a word Beau hears much. He spends 99% of his time with me so unless I'm saying "I'm your mama" or "come to mama", he doesn't hear it. I thought it might have been a fluke but no, he said it more times throughout the day, once whilst looking for me, so I guess he really does know now that I'm his mama and that's just lovely.

In the afternoon I just had to take the boys out of the house. I don't know if anyone else has wild kids, but it's impossible to keep my indoors - Beau actually attempts to push the buggy to the door as a hint he wants to get out and Tyler hangs by the window longingly... so out we went.

I let Beau out of his buggy to play in some knarled old trees with Tyler - the ground was covered in fallen leaves so he wouldn't get too dirty and off he went, walking over to his brother, following him as he climbed up trees, giving a great attempt to do the same. Then he took off, walking the paths, following his brother along the grass, getting up and down steps...

This was his first time walking outdoors and he was smashing it. For someone who had only been walking around home for a week prior, he was well able for the different terrains and for the distance. He didn't want to stop walking at all.

I knew then as my little dinky boy walked beside me, all cute in his little pixie hat, pale skin flushed with rosey red cheeks from the cold winter air, red curls peeking out from his hat and with his little outfit covered in mud from all the fun he had, that my little baby was gone forever and in his place stood an adorable little toddler with a thirst for adventure and a new found independence.

What fun we have to come.


  1. Aw he is adorable. I am glad he finally took to walking. He wanted to take his time. Which is totally okay. My two did as well. xx

    1. Thank you Janine. I'm glad too, it's lovely seeing him toddle around. Better to take their time and enjoy it then rush and hate it x


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