Monday, November 06, 2017

My Weight Loss Journey Week #9 | Dropping Dress Sizes ♥

I'm now nine weeks into my weight loss journey and this past week has been a bit of a strange one. After my surgery on October 19th, I'm still getting used to what my body is able to digest without problems and what to avoid completely and along with this I've started to become very tired - not being able to stay up past 8.30 most nights.

I gave myself another week to recover my surgery, so I haven't been out doing my daily walks and jogging, but I have been getting out and about with the boys and have been trying to be as active as I possibly can be at home. Today I began walking again and it was great to get out and exercise - although I may have started back with too much force as my side began hurting about a mile into my walk and I almost died going up the hill from being out of breath... but I'll get back to my previous fitness level I'm sure, eventually! I feel like I'm getting back on track now because my surgery really through a curve ball at me and my weight loss efforts.

As I've said before, I've learnt that it doesn't matter how well you eat, if you're not exercising then you're not giving your body the workout it needs and because I want to burn visceral fat I need to burn calories. That's why it was so frustrating not being able to exercise much after my surgery, but I'm back to it now and I actually feel a lot more energised today now I've been out walking.

You know that dress I was on about in my previous posts? The one which had never fit before but which I really want to wear to Amsterdam in a weeks time? Well, it now fits perfectly - yay! I think it was Kate Moss who said - "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" and honestly, the woman was right! Now I'm by no means skinny, I still have a LONG way to go in this journey, but I'm more than happy to give up cake, chocolate and all the other crap for that wondrous feeling that is fitting into clothes that I previously didn't fit into before.

My clothes are a lot looser than they were before and I think it's time to invest in some new pieces as one pair of trousers I have - the ones which I can now fit both legs into one side of, are billowing in the wind! I'm in a small size coat, smaller sized workout gear and I just feel a whole lot better about dressing myself now - I previously hated trying to find something to wear as almost everything was too tight.

Now don't get me wrong, I still have such a long way to go in this journey. I still hate my arms and stomach - I probably always will, but I'm getting there, I'm trying and I'm seeing the progress and that's what's most important right now. Also, I find posing in front of the camera extremely cringe - I'll never be one of those gorgeous Instagram fitness people who have all the camera angles down to a T and only for the fact that I want to be able to show my progress through pictures as well as words than I'd be staying far away from the front of the camera as possible! I may look like an absolute eejit in these pictures, but hopefully you can see how happy I am with my progress - that smile is real!

This week I've gained 4.5cm on my body - I'm putting this down to two weeks lack of daily walks, but I've lost another 2lbs, making it now just 10lbs to go until I reach my first big goal. Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck!! You look amazing!!! xxx

  2. You look fantastic, gurl! :D

    Remember that you're always beautiful as long as you're being you!

  3. You look great and the weight loss journey may be a long one but in the end it's worth it!


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