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How I Lost 10lbs With the Help of So Shape ♥

 *This is a collaborative post with So Shape, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

These past nine weeks I have been on a weight loss journey, which I have been documenting here on the blog. Back in my week five update I stated that I had begun a new weight loss challenge in the form of So Shape smart meals and I'm delighted to say that they have really helped to contribute, not only to my weight loss, but my overall well being too.

My weight loss journey is not only a journey for me to lose weight (I should probably change the name of my updates!), but it's also a journey I'm on to feel more comfortable in my own skin, healthier in my body and to feel better about myself in general - So Shape has helped me to achieve all of these things in the 28 days I have been having their smart meals.

So Shape offer three different challenges, depending on what you want to achieve. I chose to go for their 28-day Reborn challenge as I have a lot of weight to lose.

So Shape's smart meal system is not only designed for weight loss, but is designed to help boost energy (just what I need being a mum to two young boys!) and improve muscle tone too - ideal for those who are wanting to lose weight but not muscle.

So Shape's smart meals are all 100% gluten free, vegetarian and GMO free, making them ideal for everyone. The smart meals themselves come in a powder form, which you then mix with water to form your meal.

So Shape offer a wide range of 22 flavours to satisfy both sweet and savory lovers. As part of my Reborn challenge I chose 12 different flavours to try.

I'm quite a picky eater and I was worried about not liking some of the smart meals, but I actually ended up liking the majority of them. My favorites were the Lemon Cheesecake, Brownie, Mint Chocolate Chip, Pasta Spicy Bolo, Cheese Pasta, Pesto Pasta, French Garden Soup and the Tomato Soup. These were all so delicious and I'd have them all again in a heartbeat!

I think it's great that So Shape offer a wide variety of sweet and savoury options as it makes sticking to the plan a whole lot easier when you feel as though you're having a proper dinner with one of the savoury meals.

How does the challenge work? You simply substitute two normal meals for two smart meals. You have one smart meal for breakfast (I always had a sweet option for this) and one smart meal for dinner (savoury options are perfect for this). This is not a rigid plan though, you can swap your smart meal for lunch instead of dinner if you're going out, etc. and that's the great thing about the So Shape smart meals, they work to suit you and your lifestyle.

Along with your So Shape smart meals you have one 'free meal' a day. This is a healthy meal and I chose to eat high protein foods as part of my challenge - cheese free omelettes with tuna or chicken and lots of vegetables being my go-to choices.

Your So Shape challenge comes with a handy booklet detailing how to prepare the smart meals, their nutritional facts and what foods to enjoy and avoid throughout your challenge and it's great to have all of that information available in one handy guide.

What were my results? In the 28 days of my challenge I lost 10lbs and 9cm off my body. During this time I also went on daily walks/jogs and made sure that I was as active as I possibly could be. I also drank a lot of water - I popped some lemons and limes in the container of my So Shape shaker bottle to make a detox water. During my challenge I also had my gallbladder removed, which stopped me exercising for two weeks, but the So Shape meals were perfect to have during my recovery period. I feel as though I could have lost a lot more weight with So Shape if I had been able to exercise those extra two weeks but unfortunately that surgery date cropped up and I had to have it done.

Would I use So Shape again? Yes I would, 100%. I'm a fan of these easy, quick, nutritious and delicious meals and they are so handy for someone like myself who is too busy to cook but who wants something healthy on hand. The results speak for themselves and my 28 day challenge left me lighter, less bloated and feeling a whole lot better about myself.

The So Shape 28 day Reborn Challenge is €179.00 (€2.98 per meal), which I think is good value for something which has proven results and which tastes great too.

You can find more information about So Shape, the challenges they offer and their smart meals at  

Enjoy twice as many flavours with the custom option included on 14 and 28 days Challenge if you use: CUSTOMFIONA



  1. Wow well done Fi! That's a great weight loss over a good length of time, so you're more likely to keep it off. Will you do another 28 days? Or do they recommend taking a break between uses of the system?

  2. These look good, I just wish somewhere would do a reasonable dairy free meal replacement offering.

  3. Sounds like a really easy plan to follow. That’s a good, steady weight loss


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