Saturday, November 04, 2017

Focally Focused | Finding That One Point To Every Room ♥

Do your rooms feel like they don’t really have any strong points? Rather than having a style that commands attention, they’re just kind of there? The problem might be that there’s no focus to the room. That’s what the focal point is all about, drawing the eye and serving as the basis for the whole room to suddenly fit together and make sense. But what is your focal point and how do you make use of it? We’ll tackle three different routes to take to giving your room a sharper focus.

Use what you got
If you have any interesting architectural aspects of the room that you adore, then those are the best ones to go with. For instance, if you have a fireplace or a lighting fixture that just sets the tone perfectly, draw the attention to them. For a fireplace, use a mirror or a bold piece of art to draw attention to it. Attract the eye by focusing the lighting on the focal point a little more. Get rid of the clutter and make sure you don’t have too much around the focal point that’s going to detract attention from it. A little accessorizing does a lot of good, but too much can make it look like a jumble of ideas rather than a real feature all its own.

Make a display
If your room doesn’t have any strong focal points of your own, then you can make one. If you’re creating a display, you have a little more room in just how you do it and how many items you use to do it. It’s all about fitting the boundaries of a specific focal point. For instance, if you want to use a glass display cabinet to draw attention to some prized possessions, make sure it’s lit up well and not sharing its space with too many other pieces of furniture. If you’re creating a feature wall for your favorite pieces of art or photographs, line it up with a piece of furniture near it so that people entering the room have more reason to look in that direction.

Choose a favorite
You might already have a piece of furniture that you adore. If you do, then give it some breathing room and make sure that your other choices are there to supplement it. Not every piece of furniture should be the one you love most and having two focal points will make them compete for attention which often means that neither of them really work. Instead, choose one and build from it. For instance, you can determine your colour scheme from a single piece of furniture, making sure the whole room is built to lend an aesthetic that contributes to it and keeps the look consistent. Accenting the top of furniture will draw more attention, too. For a big, comfy couch, for instance, accent it with a throw or some cushions.

Whatever your focal point is, make sure that it’s in a part of the room that is almost always within eyeline. Don’t hide it behind furniture or the door. It has to tie the room together from any angle.

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