Tuesday, October 10, 2017

4 Interior Design Areas That Tend To Get Neglected ♥

The rush of endorphins we experience when we decide to take the plunge and renovate a room within our humble abode can be phenomenal. You have endured the swirly 1970s carpet of your doer upper for too long and now is the time to ship in some modernity and creativity to your pad. When we consider a room makeover we automatically think of painting the walls, changing the flooring and accessorising our room with pieces that match our chosen colour scheme. However, to achieve the most sublime finish, there are aspects of your design that you shouldn’t forget. The simple, yet often forgotten, act of running a steam cleaner over your neglected floors can do wonders. Take a look at the four most common interior design areas that we neglect when renovating a room and ensure you don’t fall into a similar trap.

Look High, Look Low

You’d be surprised at how skirting boards and cornice can finish a room. Many people in their quest for sleek lines, minimal design and a modern look forget to consider the addition of cornice. By forming a frame around where your ceiling meets your walls, you are adding a neat edge to your newly created room. The same goes for the skirting board. If you’re getting rid of the retro mid-century carpeting monstrosity, the chances are that you should be replacing the skirting board that goes along with it.


All too often people forget to furnish their windows using the same level of flair that they used on the rest of the room. Of course, a pair of curtains bought from the high street will suffice, but you could do so much more. You could choose to purchase some bespoke custom fitted blinds for your bay window. There is a range of options available including vertical or aluminium blinds. If the natural look is more your thing why not view wooden blinds and pick a grain effect and colour that would suit your room? By tying in your window furnishings to the other aspects of your room, you’ll develop a more cohesive design.


The mood and ambience created by the lighting that you choose cannot be underestimated. While you could opt for the standard main light with some free-standing lamp options, there are many more alternatives available. Recessed spotlights negate the need for lamps, decluttering your room. With the addition of a dimmer switch, you can set the mood of your room easily. You might want to investigate floor lighting, under cupboard lighting or specialist fixtures and fittings. Retro and vintage pendant shades as well as anglepoise desk lamps are very on trend at the moment.



Every room needs heating. However, have you considered adding a touch of vintage class by heading to a reclamation yard to source some old industrial 1950s radiators? These may be reclaimed from derelict factories or schools. By installing these heaters, you are showing off your design flair, combining old and new.

Renovating any room in your home is thrilling. Make sure that you don’t neglect any of the interior design areas mentioned to achieve the perfect finish for your makeover.

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