Monday, April 08, 2019

The Ultimate Family Holiday Survival Guide ♥

Holidays are supposed to be the time of year that you look forward to for months and have a week or two of blissful, quality time with the family. The realists amongst us will be aware that the rest of the family don’t always follow the script and your peaceful retreat could be more like the start of WW3.

However, it doesn’t seem to put us off, does it? We sign ourselves up for another dose of tantrums and confined space. Anyway, this year’s holiday is going to go smoothly because I have something that you will appreciate – the ultimate family holiday survival guide! These 5 tips will (hopefully!) help you to enjoy that holiday you have been looking forward to so much.

Make rainy day plans
Unfortunately, you don’t get a good weather guarantee when you book a holiday so make sure that you are armed with some rainy day activity ideas. Take a look at websites that cover the area to see if there are any museums, swimming pools, quasar or bowling venues. If you are on a caravan holiday then being stuck indoors will soon turn into chaos if you don’t have any rainy day plans.

Food for thought
One of the costliest parts of a holiday can be eating out so if you have facilities at your accommodation, it pays to think about your food in advance. When you’re on holiday, you probably won’t want to spend time cooking or washing dishes so buy in some easy to cook food like pizzas and buffet style food. It should work out a lot cheaper than taking the whole family out to Pizza Hut!

Onsite facilities
If you have kids that love to be out and about then having good onsite facilities will keep everyone happy. When you are looking at booking your holiday, do a lot of research regarding the onsite and local facilities. Some campsites have amazing play areas and free activities so try and find one that will keep your little ones content. If they can let off some steam, they will get a good night’s sleep and then the adults can kick back and relax. A caravan holiday is always a good staycation option and some campsites have arcades or games to play that will cost you a small fortune, so if you don’t to constantly hear "Mum can I have a euro?" etc. avoid these places. Check this site out for an idea of typical caravan site facilities.

Check out customer reviews
When you are looking at accommodation, don’t just go off the company website. Their website will only concentrate on the good parts of the place and will not give an accurate representation. Use sites like TripAdvisor to get unbiased reviews from people who have already stayed there. Always look at the most recent reviews to get an accurate idea of what to expect, as you could get there and noisy building work is being completed or something equally likely to ruin your holiday. Customer photos will also give you a realistic insight into what to expect. The hotel company will not put photos of a mouldy shower on their website but their customers will put them on TripAdvisor!

Pack for all types of weather
Plan out your packing to avoid weather related wardrobe problems. The temperature might drop significantly at night or it could rain the whole time you are there. So make sure you take your warm clothes and waterproofs as well as your usual holiday clothes. Don’t forget the swimming costumes and towels!

Family holidays are supposed to be filled with wonderful times where memories are made, so don’t let bad planning turn your holiday into a nightmare.  


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