Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Skittles Cupcakes ♥

Baking has become my new Sunday thing. Tyler loves to get involved and help me make the mix and choose the decorations and he also loves eating all the cupcakes too - anything to make that boy happy!

Last Sunday he arrived home from the shop with his Daddy with a huge bag of Skittles and no way was I going to let him eat the whole bag, which he would, in a heartbeat... Instead I decided to add the Skittles to my cupcakes, both as a filling and a decoration and I love how colourful and delicious they turned out.

Who knew that chocolate and Skittles could be so delicious?! Someone needs to make this as a combo to buy...

I added three Skittles sweets into the middle of my chocolate cupcake mix and they melted through the mix whilst in the oven, leaving the cupcakes tasting yummier than they had done plain. Honestly, these were such a hit and I was surprised that something so simple could have made an already delicious cupcake even yummier!

I topped the cupcakes with creamy vanilla icing, which I separated into three colours - blue, yellow and purple. I always love doing swirled effect icing, but I don't think I'll ever properly grasp just how to using a piping bag effectively!

I also added Skittles for decoration - these also added to the deliciousness of the cupcakes as the chew from the sweets went really well with the creamy icing and chocolate sponge.

I then sprinkled with some red edible glitter for a little bit of sparkle.

I'll be making these again, they were amazing - if I do say so myself.



  1. These look amazing. I love the colourful icing! xx

  2. These are amazing. I love the colours and the look so tasty xx

  3. I've had to save these to my pinterest board because they look totally amazing. I think I'll give them a go for my Goddaughters birthday!

  4. How fun! Who doesn't love a good rainbow cupcake? Thanks for sharing. My friend Katy and I just started a new link up. We'd love it if you would share your posts!. You can find the link here if you are interested. https://handmadeweekly.com/handmade-otherwise-link-party-week-1


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