Sunday, October 08, 2017

Playtime With Peppa Pig ♥

My boys have a handful of cartoons that they enjoy and at the very top of that list is Peppa Pig. They can't get enough of Peppa and George's adventures and anytime we go to a toy store Tyler firmly reminds me that he wants Santa to bring him Peppa's house.

They'll happily sit through episode after episode of Peppa and they love playing with their Peppa toys too - Tyler likes to play with the Peppa Pig characters and play house with them (he even has a Peppa washing machine with her teddy inside!) and Beau loves the camper van and Peppa's family car toys (he loves anything with wheels!), so Peppa and her friends have entertained my boys a lot and how thankful I am for that!

Back in August my boys were very lucky to receive a wonderful bundle of Peppa toys. I featured us opening the box of goodies on my Instastories and Tyler's little face was an absolute picture, he was so overjoyed with everything. Here's what the boys received -

Peppa Pig House Party Tea Set (£17.99)
This was a perfect little set for Tyler, who loves playing house and making cups of tea for us all. The Peppa's house teapot is the star of this set as when you press the door it lights up and sings the 'bing bong' song that Peppa (and I) loves to sing. The teapot also makes the sound of water being poured out when you tip it over too.

Peppa Pig Sunglasses
These are a firm favourite with both Beau  and Tyler who love to style up their look with a funky pair of sunglasses. They're too adorable when he has them on! I can't find these anywhere on the internet to share a RRP though - they must be an exclusive!

Peppa and George Zoggs Fun Play Soakers (£10.00)
These are a staple now at bath time and the boys love throwing them into the water and taking them out again to splash around with. I think toys like this are great to have to hand when you're trying to get children to feel at ease in the water.

ABC Singing Peppa (£19.99)
Both of the boys love the ABC Singing Peppa, who sings the 'bing bong' song when both her hands are held. This toy has come on many car journeys with us and Beau loves cuddling into it. It's been well loved!

Peppa Pig Beaker with Straw
This is another item I can't find anywhere on the internet, which is a shame as I'd really like another for Beau as he always tries to take it from Tyler. Tyler has his hot chocolate in this every night before bed and it's his favourite drinking cup by far.

Radio Control Inflatable Peppa Pig (£24.99)
This is quite similar to an inflatable Peppa clock we had before but this one moves with the help of an easy to use remote control. It comes with a forwards/backwards option as well as a round and round option and can be used outdoors on concrete or indoors.

Peppa Pig Puzzle
Tyler is now at an age where he loves to do puzzles - and Beau tries to join in too. This one is great as one side is pre-coloured and the other side is white for children to colour in themselves.

Peppa Pig Classroom Set (£12.99)
This was Tyler's favourite toy from the bundle we received as he just loves playing with the Peppa characters and imagining up all sorts of scenarios for them. The set features Peppa, her friends Candy Cat, Suzie Sheep and Danny Dog, as well as her teacher Madame Gazelle. It also comes with a chalk board, desks and benches for the characters to sit at.

Postcards from Peppa Activity Book (£1.99)
This is a lovely little activity book, full of things for kids to join in with as part of Peppa and George's holiday adventures. There are even press-out postcards for kids to colour in and send themselves.

Peppa Pig Trampoline (£39.99)
This is very similar to another trampoline Tyler had when he was small and I knew that he'd love this one. It does take a bit of assembly (which I left to Jacek...), but it's a great garden toy and both boys love it now. There's a sound box underneath which makes an 'oink' sound as the kids bounce on it and it's light enough for me to move into the shed when it rains too.

You can find Peppa Pig toys and products in all good toy shops and on Amazon. These would make great birthday or Christmas gifts for little Peppa Pig lovers and they've all kept my two boys busy despite their difference in ages. It's safe to say they love Peppa!

*We were sent these products for the purposes of this feature, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.



  1. Peppa Pig is also a big hit in our house. Chloe will get a few bits and pieces from Santa Peppa related of course. I do like the look the remote control Peppa Pig. I seen it on the PR's website recently as I am working with them on something else.

  2. Ahh these look fab! Logan is really in to Peppa Pig and loves all the toys, games and puzzles. xx


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