Monday, October 23, 2017

My Weight Loss Journey Week #7 | Operation Rest & Recover ♥

What a crazy week it's been. First we were hit with an 'ex-hurricane' as they call it, which made it too dangerous to even leave the house. I was cooped up indoors for two days with two little boys. That was fun...

Once the weather cleared up I made sure we went out to get some fresh air and stretch our legs. I made sure to go for my daily walk with Beau on Wednesday morning and took a different route as I was just not up for four hills one after the other that morning... sometimes a change of route is a great thing too and it actually spurred me on to walk further. That was was my last walk of the week as on Thursday morning I had my first operation ever and had my gallbladder removed.

I have to admit, I'm still a little sad that it came to this and if I had been able to heal my gallbladder naturally and not have had to get it removed I would have. I gave it my best shot with exercising, daily glasses of apple cider vinegar and changing my diet, but my own GP and the surgeon who removed my gallbladder told me that the gallstones would have just kept coming back and if I hadn't have got it removed this time then it would have had to have been removed at some stage in the future.

So I had the surgery on Thursday and came home on Thursday night. Since then I've been living off of toast, yogurt and So Shape smart meals. I've also began drinking peppermint tea to aid digestion. I also have a plethora of supplements to take a day - Milk Thistle for my liver health, digestive enzymes to take with every meal to aid digestion now that I can't make bile and super lactose enzyme so that I can digest dairy.

I haven't been taking my Grilla Fitness Burn Bullets as obviously I've been taking pain medication, but I plan to begin taking these again once I've healed a bit more. I did begin taking the Grilla Fitness Target Zone CLA again yesterday.

As predicted, my activity levels have been minimum, although I do seem to be hitting 2,000+ steps on my Fitbit everyday, which I think is quite good for someone recovering from surgery in their stomach. I'm really looking forward to be able to get out and about for my walks again, but for now I'll be taking it slow and steady.

If weight loss is a symptom of any medication or something that happens to people after surgery, you can be guaranteed that it's not going to happen to me, so I wasn't predicting a loss this week. However, I have lost another 2lbs - meaning I now just have a stone to go before I reach my first big goal. I've also lost another 5cm off my body - this may well be more as my stomach is quite swollen and bruised from the surgery.

Despite not being able to eat very much, I didn't lose a lot of weight - I think my metabolism is non-existent!

I'm now learning what I can and can't eat now that I no longer have a gallbladder. To be honest, I'm glad that I'm having to make so many changes regarding food. I think my weight loss efforts the past seven weeks have really helped to prepare me as I no longer reach for chocolate or unhealthy things (although those Milk Teeth jellies will always be a weakness I think!).

Only three more weeks until Amsterdam and three more weeks to fit into that dress. I'm really hoping I can do it and how amazing would it be to lose that stone in that time and reach my first big goal? Wish me luck!

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  1. So glad you're on the mend & sounding a lot more positive. Onwards & upwards, eh? But slowly!

  2. Continue to feel better and good luck with your goals!


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