Monday, October 09, 2017

My Weight Loss Journey Week #5 | Losing the First Stone ♥

 One of the many views from my morning walks. It's hard to stay inside when the scenery is this beautiful.

I've done it, I've lost the first stone of my three stone goal and I'm only delighted!

I'm now five weeks into my weight loss journey and if I'm completely honest, I'm surprised I've made it this far. Usually I begin these sorts of things with the best of intentions, but end up falling a couple of hurdles in... this time though I'm giving it my best shot, but even though I'm determined, the willpower to resist all the nice things can be hard to find at times.

I mean I haven't gone the whole hog and gorged on chocolate, crisps and other nice, yet quite unhealthy things, but I have had a biscuit, or five... I've also had pizza and some cupcakes that I baked, because I don't want to live a life where I feel like I'm depriving myself, but I do want to live a life where I know when I've had enough of the treats and the effort I must put in to burning off the calories they contain.

I think that's the key really - everything in moderation but exercise in abundance.

I've done a lot of walking this past week. My mother told me to get in my walks during weekday mornings when Tyler is at school and have weekends to myself, but I've been out at the weekends too and even have time to fit in two walks a day now.

During the week myself and my friend Louise (who blogs over at Tattooed Lady With A Baby) went for a walk at night after we had put our kids to bed and it was actually lovely to have a change in both walking time and in having someone to chat to whilst we plodded along - it made it seem a whole lot easier. I even went out in my hi-vis vest so I'm like one of those seasoned walking types now... whereas before I'd have been mortified wearing it, like a teenager who thinks it's 'uncool' to put their hood up in the rain...

I've been jogging a whole lot more this past week too. The shin splints seem to be a lot better than they were and instead of aching for the day, my legs now only hurt for a few minutes after jogging - they're like jelly once I get back to the car though, I bet they don't know what's hit them! Beau spurs me on from his buggy, rocking back and forth to let me know he's wanting to go fast and shrieking with delight as I start to run along. He's a great little cheerleader!

I've been looking for weight loss blogs to read and was inspired by Laura's (who blogs over at Mum I Am) blog post on reaching the halfway point of her weight loss journey - you can have a read of it here. After reading about her morning tonic I started drinking my two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water again every morning and I found her method of intermittent fasting quite interesting too so I tried it out for the week.

Intermittent fasting is the practice of eating nothing after eight o' clock at night, skipping breakfast and fasting for 16-17 hours, only eating between the hours of one and eight. So I haven't been eating anything physical until one o' clock in the day and have been having my glass of apple cider vinegar with water, protein shake after my walk and a So Shape smart meal (which is like a shake) around twelve.

I began having So Shape smart meals during the week and so far so good, although some of the flavours having been to my taste, but I'm a picky eater anyway so I'll just have to persevere. So far so good and it's been really easy to stick to the plan. Meals like this are so handy for me as they're quick and easy and it's always the food preparation part of dieting and eating healthy that lets me down usually as I hate cooking. I'll be sharing my So Shape progress once my 28-day plan is over.

This past week I've only lost half a centimeter off my body, which I'm pretty disappointed about if I'm honest. I've also lost another 2lbs which has helped me to reach the 1 stone weight loss.

To be honest, I thought I'd be losing a lot more weight each week but it seems to be a very slow and steady result each week, which is probably a good thing in the long run but with all the effort I'm putting in - exercising, diet, fasting, Burn Bullets, high protein, etc. I was expecting a greater result each week.

I wrote this post in two halves - you can probably tell the more optimistic part yesterday before the part I'm writing today after my weigh-in and measurements. I've been left feeling quite disappointed in myself this morning, which is a horrible feeling. I think you can build up really high expectations when you're trying to lose weight and if you fail to live up to these you're just left feeling like crap, even if you're trying your best.

Lets hope next week the losses continue and I can feel a whole lot happier in myself. Five weeks left until we go to Amsterdam, five weeks left for me to fit into that dress I so want to...

You can read all of my weight loss updates here.


  1. Well done Fi for coming this far. I mentioned in my last post that I need to get out and go for walks myself. Putting on weight/Losing weight has never been an issue for me until now. Turning 30 is probably where your metabolism changes. Normally I could eat what I want, but now I am just putting on the weight. xx

    1. Thank you so much Janine. I'm hoping my metabolism will change when I'm 30 too, so that I CAN eat all I want without getting fat, lol! :D x

  2. Woo! Well done! I've just started weight watchers so hopefully I'll be joining you on this journey to healthy! Well done again xx


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