Thursday, October 05, 2017

Clever Ways To Maximise Space in Kids Bedrooms

 *This is a collaborative post.

Most houses have a small 'box room', which usually becomes the smallest member of the family's nursery or bedroom and although these small rooms can be short on space, kids are definitely not short on stuff, so maximising the space in small kids bedrooms is important.

In our current house Tyler is in the smallest bedroom, but it's been designed in a way to maximise the space and it's actually the room that both boys love to play in. With this in mind I thought I'd share some clever ways to maximise space in small kids bedrooms, without compromising on style.

1. Choose a mid sleeper bed. Mid sleeper beds are a great option for utilising the space in a small room. Not only do they offer a sleeping space, but they also offer storage, desks, or play space - depending on their style, all in one area. They basically offer double the space in one single unit. I absolutely love this white, wooden mid sleeper - the classic look is definitely my favourite.

2. Maximise your storage. Storage is an important element to any kids bedroom, there's always toys, books, clothes, etc. to put away but which you also want the kids to be able to get to themselves when they need to, so maximising storage is a must, especially in a small bedroom. Built in shelving, under bed toy boxes or drawers and cubed units are all great options for small kids bedrooms.

3. Scale down the furniture. A smaller room needs smaller furniture, so opting for a much smaller wardrobe for a kids room is ideal - as long as you have plenty of drawer space available for their clothes too. Smaller sized toy chests and toy storage bags and baskets are a great way of storing items too, without taking up too much room.

 4. Avoid busy decoration. Avoid cluttering walls with lots of pictures or decals as these can make a room feel a lot smaller than it is. Instead, opt for decoration dotted sparingly around a room and use soft furnishings to make a style statement. Tyler's room is pirate themed with some pirate stickers dotted by his bed and a red and white striped blind that matches the cushion on the toy chest and I think that minimal decoration is lovely in his room.

5. Make use of the walls. If you don't have much floor space for items then why not make use of the walls instead? Adding shelves to display keepsakes and books is not only a great space saver, but it also looks lovely too - there's a reason why #shelfies are so popular! There are lots of shelving ideas available and you could even make your own if you're feeling creative. I love these Ikea hacks and using spice racks as bookshelves is ingenious and stylish too.

6. Keep things light. I've shared some ways to brighten up small, dark rooms before and these tips are ideal for small rooms too. Keeping the colour scheme light with perhaps a feature wall if you do want some colour, is a great way of making a room seem larger than it really is. Using colour in soft furnishings is also a more delicate way of injecting colouring into a small room and ensuring that kids rooms are still fun, bright and playful - just as kids rooms should be.

Does your child have a small bedroom? How have you utilised the space?

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  1. Such a gorgeous room. We have the storage unit with the black version of the seat cushion on it. :)
    Chloe had a box room in our old house. She has a good size one in the new house. There are actually four version of the "box size room". As it is a new build estate, we got the fourth generation of that room which means it's slightly bigger than any of the other houses which is great. :) xx


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