Monday, September 04, 2017

Woodland Walks with Muddy Puddles ♥

My boys love nothing more than going for a walk (or in Beau's case a crawl) through the woods and this of course always results in them getting mucky, wet and extremely muddy. I never mind though, if they come home filthy it means they had a great time and after all, we have a washing machine that's always on the go anyway so a few more bits won't hurt.

Autumn and winter are on the way though and in Ireland that means cold days are ahead, so I was looking for ways to keep the boys warm, dry and relatively dirt free whilst they play outdoors and this is where Muddy Puddles came in.

Muddy Puddles AW17 collection is full of gorgeous, bright and unisex pieces, all of which are perfect for kids who love to play outdoors.

Beau isn't walking yet but loves to crawl about frantically after his brother and explore everywhere when we're out and about, so the Baby 3-in-1 Scampsuit (£75) was the perfect option for him. With it's fleece-lined imp hood (how adorable does that look by the way?!) and inner fleece garment (which can be worn on it's own or with the outer shell), it's the perfect suit to keep him warm, cosy and protected from the elements when he's outdoors. I love the bright aqua colour too, it's fun and playful - just as kids clothes should be.

As you can see from the pictures, Beau got very mucky in the woods - wellies are on standby for this boy when he decides he does want to walk, but when we got back to the car and I took off his socks and unzipped him out of his Scampsuit, he was completely dry and clean - yay for no mud drenched car seats!

How gorgeous is Tyler in his bright yellow Puddleflex Jacket (£50)? I have to admit, I'm a bit of a sucker for dressing my eldest boy in a yellow jacket, but this one is by far the best quality and nicest one he's ever had. He was by far the brightest thing in the woods that day and he told me he loves yellow as it makes him happy.

The jacket has a chevron printed warm fleece lining and is super cosy. The length of the jacket is perfect for making sure he'll be dry on wet days and it also has a rib cuff for extra protection on windy days. The jacket is waterproof and has reflective details and zip pulls for high visibility, making it a perfect jacket for autumn and winter school days when he needs to be both protected from the cold weather and well seen by cars.

To go with his coat I got him the Puddlestomper Wellies (£22) in yellow with the blue lightning print. Tyler's very into his wellies these days - is it a four year old thing? He'd wear them all day if he could! They went perfectly with his coat and kept his feet dry and mud-free on our walk.

The best thing about the Scampsuit and Puddleflex Jacket is that they're both machine washable, so they're perfect for the boys to mucky up when we're outdoors and then super easy for me to fling in the washing machine when we get home, ready for our next adventure.

Muddy Puddles asked us to take part in their How Wild is your Child project and here are Tyler's answers to their questions.

1. The best thing to do in the rain was? Jump in the puddles!
2. What gross things have your seen on your adventures? Lots of spiders.
3. Winter makes you think of? Snow.
4. Do you have a hideout? Yes, the campsite in the woods (it's a little den made of sticks).
5. What are your favourite colours? Red and blue.
6. What made you feel brave? Playing with my stick swords.

*We were sent these products for the purposes of this review, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.


  1. This is a super cute post - it reminds of when I used to go on forest walks when I was little.

    1. Thank you so much Rosa. How lovely that you used to go on the same kind of walks when you were little.


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