Friday, September 15, 2017

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {September 2017} ♥

Another month has passed us by and these past few weeks these little brothers of mine have had a lot of upheaval to contend with. We've moved from the house which we lived in for the past five years and have moved to a much bigger house - much to everyone's liking, the only problem being that we only have this one until next July.

The boys are delighted with all the space though and the grassy garden - perfect for wrestling each other on. Their new favourite place to hang out is in Tyler's pirate themed bedroom and they both climb up onto the bed, surrounding themselves with all the cuddly toys and pretending they're on a bus - they're too cute.

They still get on like a house on fire, although now that Beau's getting a bit older and into a lot of the same toys as Tyler, there's been a few arguments over the toys when they both want to play with the same thing at the same time. Beau also seems to enjoy crawling all over Tyler's set ups and creations, which understandably just annoys Tyler and makes him upset. I have to keep explaining that Beau is only small and doesn't understand or mean to wreck everything... I'm not sure Tyler's ready to not take things too personally though, he is only four after all.

I spend my days saying "careful", "gentle" and "get off him" as Tyler seems to think Beau is about the same age as him and is up for wrestling, being lay on and general annoyance. Beau also bit Tyler on the tummy this month - he must have mistaken him for a teething toy - they're a pity the both of them. They love each other really.

They share the sweetest moments with each other. Tyler affectionately calls Beau 'Beauzie Potatoes' and Beau lives for going to collect Tyler from school. He now says "hiya" to us whenever he sees us and is always so happy to see Tyler in the morning. They do everything together and Tyler's made it clear that he can only really play in the garden if Beau is with him - never wanting his baby brother to be left out.

These days I really see the three year and three month age gap between them. Beau is not yet walking, whereas Tyler is keen to run around and Tyler is big into his imaginative play, whereas Beau is just enjoying how to build block towers and looking at picture books. I love how close they still are though and hope that they always will be.



  1. What a beautiful view and horsey are so fun for the kiddos too. I grew up with them. Love the blue skies it's been rainy far too long here hoping it changes soon. Lovely snaps together here.#siblingsproject

    1. Thank you Jenny, that's the view from my childhood home. I also grew up around horses, but became terribly afraid of them after I fell off one - I'm trying not to let my boys have that fear. I'm also missing the blue skies...

  2. Such lovely photos. There is four years between my two and I had similar feeling about the gap but t is true it does seem to feel closer as the littlest grows, although so have the squabbles here too! #siblingsproject

    1. Thank you Laura. Oh the squabbles are in full force here too, God help us!


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