Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Wild Ones ♥

The wild ones, they're always the most exciting aren't they? You never know what you're going to get or where they're going to spring up - a bit like my little Beau, that baby is such a character.

His little expressions remind me of the wildflowers, each one unique and interesting to look at and I can't help but want to capture them on camera. Is there anything sweeter or more adorable than a baby pout?

My pensive little baby, sitting beside the towering wildflowers on a sunny day - what could be quintessentially more summer-like? I have similar pictures of myself as a baby and to be able to photograph my own baby in the same kind of scenarios is quite a precious thing to me.

I was in love with the rows of wildflowers in the garden, wildflowers being my favourite type of flowers after all. The cornflowers, sprightly and colourful like little pom poms of confetti were the most pretty to me on this day. The hues of the pink and blues were just beautiful.

I'll always love the poppies too though, so delicate and a symbol of summer. I always remember poppies growing in the graveyard when I was a child. Something so beautiful blooming in a place of sadness, reminding me that even something good can come out of something so upsetting.

These pictures aren't perfect, but they're full of my favourite things - the beautiful flowers, my beautiful baby boy in his adorable little bloomers, playing with his toes and pouting away... I'll be lost when these precious childhood summers have passed us by and the boys won't want to be in the frame anymore.

Summer is now gone, but these wild ones are still holding strong.


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