Saturday, September 30, 2017

My Weight Loss Journey 1 Month On | 12lbs & 10.5cm Gone ♥

Today marks one month of my my weight loss journey and I'm delighted and proud of the progress I've made. I'm 12lbs lighter (I can't wait to reach the 1 stone mark!) and although I only began recording my measurements two weeks ago, I've lost 10.5cm/4.1in off my body since then too.

I've dropped a dress size (18 to a 16 in bottoms and 16 to a 14 on top), can now fit into my jeans comfortably and have to wear a belt to keep them up, I now tie my bra at the tightest setting as I no longer worry about it digging into my back and my clothes are a lot looser than they once were - I can't wait to fit into all my old dresses again soon.

In 31 days I've upped my cardio fitness from poor to average (according my my Fitbit data). I can now walk up steep hills without feeling like I'm struggling for air and my recovery time has become a lot quicker too. I now walk 3 miles five days a week and I even jog sometimes - when the pain of my shin splints isn't overwhelming.

I've been out walking 22 days out of 31, having to take rest days in between due to my shin splint pain, but considering that I started out at 0 days I'm rather proud of myself for sticking to this and a walk is now part of my daily routine whilst my eldest boy is at pre-school.

I now have a clear jaw line, which is no longer sporting a double chin and my body is becoming more defined day by day. My horrible 'mummy tummy' is shrinking and I can't wait until it's gone some more as, along with my arms, it's the part of my body I hate the most. I wish I could share the progress pictures of my stomach but I'm just not that brave... It's a big difference though and I'm so happy.

The roads and hills have been my gym and cardio sessions, but I'm really considering joining a gym so I can get a workout in in the evenings and tone up my body.

I still have my MaxiNutrition Lean Protein (Now €11 off in Boots so I picked up 2 tubs) shake for breakfast every morning and take two Grilla Fitness Burn Bullets a day (the energy I'm now getting from these in incredible and I've just ordered my second tub!). I eat a can of tuna everyday and try to have healthy meals full of eggs, vegetables and chicken - this has been hard the past two weeks though as I've been craving carbohydrates so bad! I won't deny myself though, everything in moderation and all that, but I simply have to burn off the calories the next day and that's where I've always been going wrong.

The fat I want to get rid of is visceral fat, which can only be lost by burning off calories. So I can eat the best diet there is, but unless I get moving, that fat won't be burnt off, so the only way for me to achieve my weight loss goals is to put one foot in front of the other and get moving.

This journey isn't just about weight loss though. It's something I'm doing to help my confidence, make me feel better about myself and leave me feeling much healthier too. Before I always felt bloated and quite ill, I had no energy and often needed daytime naps.

I hated how I looked and felt very self-conscious. I got very little fresh air and was always stuck in front of my laptop (the joys of being a blogger), but now I get a daily dose of fresh air, get to enjoy walks with my baby boy (or both boys if I'm feeling up for a challenge!), no longer feel horrible and bloated and get a little boost whenever I see the progress I'm making - whether it be on the scales, measuring tape or in the mirror.

I mean, look at me up there, posing in my new dress from Simply Be. Before I'd have been absolutely mortified getting my picture taken, but you know what, I didn't completely hate the pictures at all, in fact, I was able to see my weight loss progress in them and that made me happy. I still have a long way to go but I'm getting there and I'm trying my best.

I'm so pleased with my progress in just 1 month and I hope I can achieve the same results next month, which will bring me ever closer to reaching my goal weight (anything lost after that will be a bonus) and to the person I want to see staring back at me in the mirror. Just 20lbs to go.

Wish me luck!


  1. Congratulations you look fantastic!

  2. That's an amazing achievement Fiona. Well done. Whatever you lose I seem to put on at the moment. Ha. I need to go for walks or something xx

    1. Thanks so much Janine. Ah I'm sure that's not the case at all, you look very slim! :)

  3. Well done :-) I love the dress, you look fab.


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