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Healthy Snack Options For Babies From Organix ♥

 *This is a collaborative post.

Beau is 16 months now and is fully weaned. He's able to eat by himself and is mastering the art of feeding himself with a spoon, although most of the time he's just like his big brother and prefers to use his hands - this is all fine with me as long as he's actually eating.

With Beau I did a mixture of baby-led and spoon-fed weaning with him, although he made it pretty clear quite quickly that he much preferred feeding himself, grabbing the spoon out of my hand at every opportunity and refusing to accept food from me.

I began weaning him at six months, as this is now the recommend age for weaning as a baby's digestive system is more developed at this age (the recommended weaning age back in 2013 when Tyler was a baby was four months).

If you're looking for ways on how to get your baby started on weaning, Organix have a very helpful Getting Baby Started page on their website, which is full of helpful tips, timelines and healthy recipes too. It's such a great resource and it's so handy to have something like this on hand, as, if you're anything like me, you'll find the whole weaning thing to be quite daunting.

Along with all the typical healthy finger foods such as sliced fruits, finger sandwiches/slices of toast, chopped egg, cut up meat, pasta, etc. I went in search of some healthy snacks for Beau (and his big brother) to enjoy, whether it be on the go or at home and Organix was our brand of choice.

I've been buying Organix snacks ever since Tyler was a baby and they never fail to keep the kids satisfied and myself safe in the knowledge that they're not eating anything unnecessary - all thanks to Organix 'No Junk Promise'.

The boys favourite Organix snacks, and ones which I found were ideal for the weaning stage are:

Organix Carrot Sticks - these can be given from age 7 months and they never fail to bring a smile to Beau's face, he absolutely loves them. They're the perfect shape for babies to hold on their own and with their melt in the mouth texture, they're ideal for babies to get used to feeding themselves. I always have a bag of these in the changing bag for on the go snacking.

Organix Banana Puffcorn - these can be given from age 12 months and a lovely little treat type snack for older babies and kids alike. Like the carrot sticks, these puffcorn pieces melt in the mouth and are great for letting babies discover new textures in food.

Organix Gingerbread Men Biscuits - these are both my boys absolute favourite snack and are a cupboard staple in our house. Again these are suitable from age 12 months and they have a slightly harder texture than the carrot sticks and puffcorn, making them a great treat for babies to nibble on - they're perfect for teething babies to get their teeth into.

Organix Raisins Mini Boxes - these little boxes of raisins are so handy for packing in the changing bag (and the pre-school lunch box) and are great for helping babies to learn how to pick up smaller bits of food on their own. These are suitable from 12 months and each little box counts as one of a child's five a day.

Organix Berry Crispy Bars - out of all the Organix bar options these are my boys favourites. Again, these are suitable for babies 12 months plus and with their chewy and crispy texture, packed with juicy raisins and crispy puffs of rice, they give babies a taste and texture experience, as well as being a healthy treat.

Organix are my brand of choice and I'd highly recommend them to any parents who are looking for healthy snack options for their babies. As you can see, both of my boys enjoy the variety of snacks Organix have to offer and I'm happy to have the piece of mind that they're not eating any nasty stuff, yet still feel as though they're getting a treat.

Organix range of healthy snacks are available in all good supermarkets and in Boots stores. They regularly have offers on the range and this is when we stock up the snack cupboard, ready for the boys to enjoy on their outdoor teepee and wagon picnics, on the go, or in their lunch boxes.


  1. There are so many nice snack options with Organix aren't there!

    1. Definitely! I'm a fan of the Oaty bars myself :D

  2. Our little one loves the gingerbread men, raisins and sweet corn rings! It's great having snacks to hand when we're out and about :)

  3. Healthy snacks have come a long way since mine were small, there's so much more variety now.

  4. I used to love eating those Gingerbread men when I bought Organix for my little ones! lol So tasty!


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