Monday, August 07, 2017

What the Boys Wore | TwoGreyRabbits ♥

I was recently contacted by a lovely lady named Miriam, who had stumbled across my Instagram and taken a liking to my boys curly locks. She told me they reminded her of her son when he was little and she just loved their look - very sweet.

She asked me if I'd like the boys to be brand reps for her Etsy shop, TwoGreyRabbits, and when I took a look at her designs I immediately said yes. Miriam hand knits all of her pieces in Holland and her designs are just the sort of pieces I love to dress my boys in - handmade, classically styled and all with a hint of whimsical charm.

I've always thought that knitted pieces are quite special. They've been made with a lot of effort and love and each piece is unique. I can't bare to part with all the hand knitted baby cardigans my Nan made for my boys and I'm lucky that she's still making more to this day.

TwoGreyRabbits clothing is perfect for the colder autumn and winter days we have coming up here in Ireland and I'll be layering up the boys to make sure they're cosy and warm.

Beau is wearing a lovely longer-legged romper with a dog design on the front panel. This was a lovely touch as I affectionately call him 'puppy' from time to time. I love the deep blue colour of it too.

Tyler is wearing knitted shorts with an elephant design on one leg. He really loved this piece and he was so cute running around the woods in it. It looked loved teamed with a plain white t-shirt and some t-bar shoes.

I thought the boys looked lovely in their little knitted clothes and better still, they were so comfy in them too, able to crawl, run and jump about as much as they pleased.

I'm delighted that Miriam asked my boys to brand rep for her shop and I look forward to sharing more beautiful knitted clothing both her on the blog and over on my Instagram, @dollydowsie, soon.


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  1. Oh my GOODNESS, Fi - these pictures!! Tyler looks like such a little boy now - there is really no toddler left in him, is there - and Beau is just BEAUTIFUL, and they suit these gorgeous clothes so well.


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