Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {August 2017} ♥

Goodness, these siblings posts just seem to creep up on me out of nowhere. I've been so busy packing up our own house, unpacking in our new one and everything else in between that I only realised that it was the 15th today.

This past month has been such a busy one for us as a family. We've driven over 600 miles together, have had two nights away and a lot of close-knit time together and the boys have basically been by each others sides continually this past month.

They haven't gotten sick of each other though, with Tyler not wanting to go anywhere without Beau and Beau learning to say his big brother's name - he now goes around the house calling out "Tyler" in the sweetest little voice and he's always wanting to be with his brother.

Tyler still hasn't learnt how to be gentle with Beau when they're playing and I'm wondering if it'll ever happen now - it's been 15 months after all... He just doesn't seem to realise that Beau is smaller than him and plays far too roughly for my liking. Beau takes the majority of it in his stride but there are a few tears now and again.

Tyler has begun wanting sleepovers with Beau too, not understanding that he's a little too little to not sleep in a cot, but it's great to know that he's up for sharing his bed with him and I know they'll have the best little sleepovers when they're both a bit older.

The boys are now enjoying their second home together and are delighted that we have a grassy garden that they can tumble about in. They had great fun playing out there today in the sunshine and I hope today was the first of many happy memories they'll have together in this house before we have to move again next year.


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