Monday, August 28, 2017

The Magic of the Fairy Wood ♥

I think everyone has places in life which may not be anything extraordinary, but which still hold a special place in their hearts - for me that is the fairy wood. Of course, it wasn't a fairy wood when I was younger, back then it was an overgrown neglected mass of trees and greenery which was such fun to explore and I spent many hours strolling around there, always discovering new and interesting spots to return to.

I actually feel quite blessed to have grown up right next to a wood and right in the countryside. I might not have thought it at the time, but it's the best kind of environment for a child to grow up in - even if sometimes I felt quite lonely. Now I'm an adult I long to live in the countryside again and have the luxury of just walking a few yards to get some solitude and view the beauty of nature in peace.

Over the past few years, part of the wood has been transformed into a magical fairy wood for children (and adults who are still young at heart!) to enjoy. People began leaving little fairy doors and trinkets in the wood and some people have gotten fabulously creative with their efforts. It makes for a lot of awe-inspired and wondered looks on my children's faces and I love that.

We returned to the wood last week and it was once again painted in an autumnal palette, summer sadly having slipped away too quickly this time around... the autumn hues are absolutely gorgeous though and perfect for a woodland scene, I couldn't help but snap some pictures.

Tyler had brought his teddy to 'show' him the wood and happily carried him along in his arms. Beau is now at an age where all he wants to do is explore and he took great delight in sitting on a stump and playing with a candle holder which was hanging off a tree by some string, in fact, both boys took a shine to this particular candle holder - it really is the simple things in life.

I shared some of these pictures on my Instagram and received massive compliments on them, which always surprises me when it comes to my photography as all I really see are the imperfections, the graininess of the images due to the darkness of the wood, the over saturation or blown out highlights, but really all that doesn't matter does it? It's the expressions on my boys faces and the wonder in their eyes that are the real magic.


  1. Such a lovely post. I really enjoyed this


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