Thursday, August 10, 2017

Home Decor | Shabby Chic Flooring ♥

 *This is a collaborative post.

The shabby chic trend has seen multiple twists and turns in the direction that it has taken, sometimes veering off the interior radar and then popping up when we least expected it. One of the biggest contributors to the shabby chic trend has been interiors and furnishings so in this post I'd like to take a look at one of my favourite shabby chic features; rustic floors. 

There’s something about that vintage look of a wide planked wood floor, even more so if they’re a bit of a lighter shade too. I am absolutely in love with white rustic floors, or just any distressed shade in general. The great thing about rustic wood flooring is that it’s as expensive as you make it, there are various retailers who offer a pre-finished product that is ready to install or you can search your local reclamation yards for different planks and put them together yourself - it’s completely up to you! 

If you are contemplating switching up your floor then there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t go for the rustic vibe. It never risks appearing dated because that’s part of the parcel, even better is the way that it pairs fantastically with shabby chic furniture and vintage interiors. Plus there are so many different looks you can go for, it doesn't necessarily have to be shabby chic! Rustic wood floors can help create an old farmhouse vibe or even make you feel like you’re in a cosy little log cabin - the possibilities are endless!

The colour of your floor is also an important feature of it too and at the moment there are a lot of hand-scraped and distressed boards that seem to be popular in a lighter colour. The best thing about white/lighter floors is the way that they act as a sort of backdrop to your room, which means that you’re then allowed to accent any furnishings and interiors that may be a little bolder in colour. 

Pairing a white floor with stunning pastel interiors is a recipe for true shabby chic delight! Fun fact: light floors can also make the room that they are installed in appear much bigger and more spacious too as the light reflects well from them.

Aside of offering a crisp and fresh feel to your room, light rustic floors also have a practical advantage as they show a lot less dirt and dust than perhaps dark floors and are just easier to maintain in general.

So whether you’re looking to update your bedroom, living room or even your kitchen - why not invest a little time into rustic hardwood flooring for that true vintage feel!

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