Friday, August 25, 2017

A Letter To My Oldest Boy ♥

To my darling oldest boy,

I'm sorry it's been so long since I wrote to you, it used to be such a regular thing for me to write you these little letters and updates on all your milestones, but as time has gone I just stopped, no simple explanation why, but I'm sorry. I should have kept up with them, should have recorded everything for you, so that one day, when you're a grown man who wants to reflect on his childhood and all the wonderful days and memories you had, everything would have been there for you to read.

Sadly life gets in the way, but I can guarantee that you're having the best time. Yes there are the sad moments, the frustrating moments and the times when you think you're really 44 instead of just 4, but ultimately, you're having a happy, playful and imaginative childhood and that's just what I wanted for you. So, I guess you could say I have triumphed as a mother when it comes to you being a happy, carefree and imaginative little boy - yay!

You have the best imagination I have ever witnessed in a person. My boy, you could be a writer, an artist and anything else that takes your fancy because you have the most unique vision. You make chainsaws out of railway tracks, are able to see two different characters in the one cuddly toy and make up lots of different scenarios for them. You come up with the most amazing stories and love to play pretend, it's your favourite thing and I love that you've embraced this quintessentially childhood 'thing'.

Please don't even lose your friendliness, you put me to shame with how open and welcoming you are. You love to make new friends and long for someone to play with all the time. I hope you'll always make and keep friends easier than I have ever done. Even at the age of four you tell me you have a girlfriend and that she's your "best girl", you're an absolute charmer Tyler Lee. You also had your first ever proper playdate with her this week and you were only delighted with yourself.

Since Beau has come along I feel as though I've neglected taking photos of you a little bit. You were always my main muse, the one who spurred on my creativity from day one and once again I'm sad that taking pictures of the baby or of you and the baby has taken prominence over pictures of just you, you beautiful little boy.

This is why, whilst you slept in my bed, cuddled up to your teddy, I couldn't help but take some pictures of you. You looked so peaceful and innocent and this gave me the perfect opportunity to create some dreamy images by blowing bubbles over you and snapping away on sports mode. I like to think this is what your dreams are like - full of bubbles, play things and a little bit hazy. Relaying your dreams to me is something you do most mornings now, so I thought these images were fitting for you, my little dreamer.

Keep dreaming angel man. I love you.


  1. Gorgeous captures Fiona. Even though you haven't written that many letters to him you definitely have captured a lot of memories on camera so keep your instagram as a backup for him. :) xx

    1. Thank you so much Janine. I'll definitely be keeping my Instagram as a backup. I already love looking back through it over the years :)


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