Friday, August 16, 2019

8 Ways To Brighten Up A Dark Room ♥

I don't think there's anyone out there who doesn't want a lovely light and bright home. Unfortunately, there may be some rooms within a house which aren't always flooded with natural light due to the positioning of the house and other factors which can't be changed.

However, there are some simple and quick fixes that can be done to ensure that you're maximising the light in all the rooms of your house. I thought I'd share some of these fixes today, most of which I've done myself as we've recently moved into a new house and I've been trying to brighten up some of the rooms by helping the natural light come effortlessly through the windows.

Use thoughtful lighting
If you have a room that is especially dark and can't be brightened up simply by enhancing natural light - perhaps the windows are too small or the room is an awkward shape, then being thoughtful with your lighting choices can be a great way to brighten up the space. 

If you have a dark kitchen, installing plinth lights for the kitchen is a great way of creating light easily. Plinth lights can be installed easily and come in a range of fittings, so they will fit into any space you want to illuminate.

Hang plenty of mirrors
Mirrors are a great way of brightening up a room easily. Simply hang a mirror directly across from where the window or largest window is in your room and it will help brighten up the space by reflecting light around the room.

Consider different types of windows
Depending on the type of room you have, there are certain windows available to maximise the light and look of the room. If you have an attic conversion, a flat roof extension or room with a slanted roof are a great option for brightening up your space.

Make it open plan
If you're house is split into rooms by adjoining double doors, then you may consider opening them and making a more open and brighter space. Our kitchen is separated to the living room by double doors, which the previous occupants of the house kept closed. I felt as though the living room was very dark with the doors closed and by opening them I've made the space a whole lot brighter as the room is now getting some much needed light from the sliding door out to the garden too.

Get rid of heavy curtains or window dressings
There are plenty of options available for giving privacy to your home without blocking out the light completely. Opt for stylish blinds, shades or lighter curtains which will still make your room feel bright, but will also give you privacy at night time.

Trim the trees by your windows
This is such a simple fix to let light easily enter your home. If there are any trees by your windows, make sure they're trimmed back so as not to block out the light. This is a problem we've had with our living room and the apple tree in the front garden, but by trimming back the tree, the living room has become a whole lot lighter and brighter.

Clean your windows
Another simple fix but yet again quite effective. It's amazing how filthy windows can get over time and giving them a thorough clean can make all the difference. My favourite window cleaner at the moment is the Seventh Generation Glass and Surface Natural Cleaner, not only does it leave my windows sparkling but it's eco-friendly too.

Opt for matte walls instead of gloss and choose muted colours
Glossy walls can create a glare, rather than reflecting light equally, matte surfaces reflect light in every direction and are a much better option for those wanting to increase the light in their home. Also, opting for muted off-white shades on your walls gives rooms a sense of feeling brighter and more open, as opposed to dark hued walls.

Hopefully these tips are helpful in letting you maximise the light in your home and creating a brighter, more illuminated place to live.

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