Saturday, July 15, 2017

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {July 2017} ♥

Another month has passed us by and it really doesn't seem that long ago since I shared by boys pictures from last month in the lavender field in Jersey and how I wish we were still there.

This months pictures were taken down a little crumbling lane down to a strand I've been going to since I was a child. Tyler loves walking down there and throwing stones in the water. On the way down we stopped for a breather, with the boys sitting on a little ivy covered stone together.

They were smiling so sweetly at each other and Beau wasn't complaining about Tyler giving him cuddles. They were adorable together and I'm so glad I captured these pictures of them. The real moments between brothers.

They really love each other. Tyler goes into Beau's room every morning to greet him with a "Good morning baby Beau!" and we all have to go downstairs together. Beau thinks he's the same age as Tyler and wants to do everything he's doing - even though he's not walking yet he gives a good run for his money too!

During these warm, sunny days they've been in out in the garden a lot together and they both enjoy the kitchen toys, how lucky they are to have a little playhouse to call their own, although Tyler likes to pretend the teepee is Beau's house and he has to go and visit him, which is quite cute really.

I still make sure the boys eat all their meals together and they have little picnic lunches out in the garden. I love seeing them interact together and it's so lovely that they have each other. Although they're fine together most of the time, Tyler does forget that Beau is much smaller than him and can tend to annoy him. If Beau is whining Tyler tells him to stop whinging. They're a funny pair.

Beau is trying to say Tyler's name now and always wants to be wherever his big brother is. Beau will always be 'Baby Beau' to Tyler, which I think is absolutely adorable. Beau understands when we're going to collect Tyler from school and he loves seeing him play with his friends in the playground - he always wants to join in with them and crawls after them.

Tyler always makes sure that everyone knows Beau is his brother and asks them to say hello to him. It's lovely that he wants him to feel included too. Tyler is off school now until August 30th so I'm hoping that I can bring them on outings and that they can enjoy the rest of summer together.

I'm so glad they both have a brother to call a best friend and I hope they never lose that closeness.


  1. Such beautiful boys. Their curls are absolutely fantastic! Gorgeous photographs as always :) xx

    1. Thank you so much Abbie, you're very kind x

  2. Oh they sound so sweet together - these are gorgeous pictures and just look at their curls!!


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