Thursday, July 20, 2017

{The Ordinary Moments} Salty Air & Ice-Cream Dreams in Ardmore, Co. Waterford ♥

My newly found confidence in driving my car has led to a week of adventure and fun for the boys and I. After almost ten years of having a full driving license I finally felt brave enough to drive to another county by myself - with two small children in tow of course.

On Thursday, in a typical Fiona spur of the moment type plan, I decided to take the boys to Ardmore Open Farm, Co Waterford, which you can read my thoughts on here. That morning my friend Louise, who also blogs at Tattooed Lady With A Baby, had messaged me asking if the boys and I wanted to meet up - her son Luke is Tyler's best friend, so I told her about my road trip plans and asked if she'd like to come along.

Honestly, even with us left feeling underwhelmed with the open farm, it couldn't have turned out to be a more perfect day.

Again, spur of the moment, we decided to take a drive down to the beautiful little village of Ardmore itself for a walk on the beach and an ice-cream. After all, it was sunny and we weren't ready to return home just yet, needing something positive to make the 30 mile trip from home worth it.

We parked up our cars and took the boys to the playground, where they had an absolute ball. Beau took delight in the baby swing, whilst Tyler and Luke played on the bigger structures.

Luckily Ardmore is blessed with a fantastic, big playground which caters for all ages and it's just across the road from the beach too. I think the boys may have enjoyed the playground more than the farm!

After the boys had burnt off some energy we went across to Ballyquin Strand, which is a gorgeous beach, set into the bay and surrounded by stunning clear blue waters.

The boys had an absolute ball on the beach, with Tyler wading up to his waist as soon as we got there - I had to take his clothes off and let him splash about in his undies as we had no togs or towel with us.

Beau also wanted a slice of the action and not content with just sitting in the sand, he also wanted to sit in the water and splash about, so I also had to take off his clothes and let him splash about in his vest and nappy!

We were so unprepared for this impromptu padding sessions, but my goodness did the boys have an amazing time. If you can't strip off and go splashing about in the water in your undies and nappy when you're four and one then when can you?

At that moment, watching my boys play with their friend and having such a fantastic time in the water, childhood was summed up perfectly for me.

They hadn't a care in the world and were having such a fun time and even though the water wasn't the warmest, they couldn't help going in again time after time.

After a quick clean up and reclothing (luckily Louise had brought a hand towel with her, I really need to make a kit for my car though with towels, a change of clothes, etc. for all these impromptu adventures we seem to keep having) we went to Beachcombers for an ice-cream.

This little shop is what they call 'Instagram-worthy' with it's pink walls with blue trim and the most amazing looking ice-creams.

I couldn't help but take a picture of mine and Louise's cones - strawberry and candyfloss ice-cream in a Smarties coated cone. Perfection!

We had an amazing time in Ardmore and I'm already dying to get back there. It's the perfect little seaside spot for summer visits, offering lots of fun, salty air, delicious ice-cream and happy children by the bucketful. What could be more perfect for a summers day?

It's days like this that childhood summer memories are made of.


  1. It sounds like such a lovely time and well done for getting that driving confidence xx #TheOrdinaryMoments

  2. I think sometimes the unplanned adventures are the best, especially ones at the beach! Beautiful photos and I could just eat that icecream! Well done for taking that first step to venture further, it sounds like you are going have some amazing adventures this summer!


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