Monday, July 17, 2017

Improving Children's Concentration With Equazen ♥

From a young age I've always enjoyed reading. I spent my childhood getting lost in a good book and loved all the amazing, imaginary worlds which they conjured up in my mind. I knew that when I had children of my own that I'd also want them to share my joy of reading.

As soon as we had our eldest son, I began building a little library of little books for him to be read to at bedtime and which he would eventually be able to read himself. Tyler now asks for multiple stories at bedtime, one book is never enough for this boy and I love that I'm able to share all of my childhood favourites with him and familiarise myself with all these imaginary tales which I once loved too.

Tyler is now four and will be going into his last year of pre-school in September. Next year he'll be beginning primary school and I think that now is the perfect time to try and teach him the basics of reading. He already takes delight in sitting next to me with number books and reading out how many there are of certain things. He's so clever with numbers and seems to have a real interest and love in them - I on the other hand am on the opposite scale when it comes to maths, I could never get my head around it all.

I want to embrace his love of learning and teach him new skills when it comes to reading, because although he'll be learning all of these things when he's in school, I believe that as his mother, I should be setting the foundations of these skills for him here at home.

However, trying to teach Tyler things can be an absolute struggle at times. He struggles with his concentration (a trait which I'm pretty sure he inherited from me, sorry Tyler!) and gets frustrated when he's unable to do things first go. I've tried to teach him his written letters many a time now and how to write his name, but he'll give up so quickly, becoming uninterested and frustrated when he's unable to copy the lines, which ends up in him declaring "I can't do it" and running off.

Something I've begun giving Tyler in order to help with his concentration is Equazen Liquid (€15.49), which is ideal for him as he just takes it on the spoon and swallows - I know that he definitely wouldn't swallow a capsule. Equazen Liquid also comes in two flavours (citrus and vanilla. Tyler takes the citrus) and the naturally sourced marine oils have been processed, helping to remove the fishy taste and odour as much as possible - essential I think for getting kids to take it!

Equazen offer a range of supplements which provide a naturally sourced, unique high EPA Omega 3 formulation - which is important for brain health and cognition and perfect for kids and adults alike.

Research has revealed a 64% improvement in reading comprehension by children whose diets were supplemented with Equazen, in the first three months of the trial. I was impressed by this statistic and thought it too good to not try it with Tyler.

Equazen also offer a Equazen Baby supplement which can be taken from age six months to three years. This supplement can be mixed with baby's food. Equazen Mumomega is available for pregnant women too. There are also Family Capsules and Children's Chews available too, so there really are supplements available for all the family.

I also read a quote on the Equazen website by Dame Judi Dench who stated in an interview to Channel 4 News that she takes Equazen every morning, no doubt to help her memorise her lines. So if it's good enough for Dame Judy, it's good enough for us too.

I'm hoping that with Equazen as part of his diet, that he'll be able to concentrate for longer periods of time and really begin to embrace and learn the skill of reading - with lots of help from me of course and lots of great books along the way too.

To find out more information about Equazen and their range of supplements visit the Equazen website.

*This is a collaborative post, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Equazen Liquid was purchased by myself and is not a PR sample.


  1. My boys have taken Omega three since being small - the research for it speaks for itself

  2. Interesting research, I'd definitely consider using these if they help the children concentrate at school!

  3. These sounds great! I'd be interested to know if his concentration levels improve - it may help my little one! x

  4. I can definitely attest to the fact that this works. I'm dyslexic and took this in my teenage years. It made a huge difference to me!


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