Tuesday, June 27, 2017

An Imperfectly Perfect Father's Day ♥

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This blog is usually written in my words, sharing the world through my thoughts and my eyes, but as this feature is about Father's Day I asked Jacek to get involved and share his thoughts for me. Thankfully, he agreed. Read ahead to hear about Jacek's imperfectly perfect Father's Day experience.

Parenthood, it's not something which we can really plan out or prepare for is it? We may have ideals and ideas in our heads of what our children may be like before they arrive in our arms, but in reality, we have no idea what those tiny little babies are going to be like or what adventures they're going to take us on during our lives with them.

For many of us parents, the perfect ideals we imagined couldn't be further than the actual reality of parenting and we find ourselves admitting that parenting is hard, tiring and frustrating at times.

Of course, all the difficulties of raising young children come hand in hand with all the wonderful moments too, those perfectly imperfect moments that make being a parent totally worth it. With Father's Day just around the corner, we're teaming up with SMA® Baby Club to share the real moments of parenthood and show how those not so perfect moments can truly become special memories.

Since Fiona and I had our boys our days have been filled with imperfectly perfect moments. There's no such thing as a parent parent or a perfect child, but I think sometimes we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to try and be that unrealistic 'perfect' parent. I know because I work long hours and don't see the boys as much as I'd like to throughout the day, I find myself feeling guilty a lot of the time, thinking of the moments I'm missing when I'm stuck at work.

We plan day trips that we think are going to be amazing and fun-filled and for the most part they are, but we also encounter the tantrums, tears and frustrations of a day out with two lively boys. One such day trip was our visit to the lavender farm, which I thought would make a lovely Father's Day excursion - having to go in advance as no doubt I'll be working on actual Father's Day.

We were so looking forward to our visit - our last being over two years ago now, seeing the lavender and taking lots of family pictures to look back on in years to come. However, our day didn't quite turn out the way we planned.

The minute we stepped out of the car Tyler was disappointed - "Oh no, I wanted to go to the water park" he exclaimed with great disappointment. Fiona and I gave each other a knowing look and carried on into the lavender farm, trying to remind our son of our last visit and all the fun he had.

We walked around the fields realising that we had arrived far too early in the season, encountering just sprigs of the flowers we so wanted to capture our family pictures by instead of the big blooms we had imagined. Nonetheless, we carried on optimistically, determined to have a nice family outing.

Then Tyler old ran off down the fields, chasing after the chickens even though I yelled after him not to, him never listening to me of course. I darted off to catch Tyler from going into someone's garden - that boy is always making me run after him!

Tyler wasn't happy to be caught and then the crying started, that loud cry he saves for when we're out in public - if you're also a parent you'll know the one!  For a while I carried him on his shoulders back up the fields while Fiona pushed Beau in his buggy and after things calmed down a bit I left Fiona go off and photograph some of the flowers around the farm while I stayed with the boys.

Tyler was getting frustrated and impatient as any child would. The solution to this problem was answered by the swing at the top of the garden. When I told him of this magical escape from the torture of boredom his face lit up with joy. The moment I sat him on the swing all I could hear was  - "Push me higher Daddy!".

I could hear laughter coming from both boys as Tyler swung and Beau was bouncing up and down in my arms. Seeing their happy faces instead of the crying faces that I had seen earlier made the trip so worth it.

I'm glad that SMA® Baby Club have made me look back on my day with the boys and realise that even though things didn't go as Fiona and I had planned, I still got to enjoy some wonderful moments with the boys.

Just that moment alone, with the three of us by the swing, was enough to make my Father's Day imperfectly perfect.

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