Monday, May 15, 2017

Tyler Lee & Beau | Siblings {May 2017} ♥

I actually forgot about this months sibling photos - oops! The 15th of the month always seems to creep up too quickly on me and although I've taken lots of pictures of the boys this month, I haven't taken very many of them together.

The boys interact a whole lot more with each other now that Beau is able to crawl around - and at lightning speed too! He's always very interested in what Tyler is doing and seems to like all the things that Tyler loves the best too, which I can see leading to a few arguments over the next few months, especially as some of these things are the only things Tyler plays with out of the mountains of toys which consume our house and garden.

Beau now pines for Tyler if he sees him out in the garden or hears him downstairs, he wants to be wherever his big brother is and wants to join in with his fun and games. Tyler is the biggest source of entertainment for Beau, almost everything he does the baby finds hilarious and he's been launching into fits of Elmo giggles over the littlest of things that Tyler does - like throwing sand and stones out of a tiny bucket, who knew it could be so funny?

Tyler is always genuinely happy to see Beau in the morning and still refers to him as 'Baby Beau' - I wonder how long that will last? He can be overly rough with Beau and do silly things - like trying to stand in his way so he can't crawl or taking the one toy Beau is playing with just to annoy him, but I guess that's just what big brothers do?

He very much loves his baby brother though, saying - "Oh, he's so cute" and giving him a hug or stroking his face and those moments are very heart-warming.

Beau will be turning one on Friday and I'm sure that Tyler will be only too happy to join in with his baby brother's celebrations and help him blow out his candle - as well as play with his presents! We'll also be going on holiday together at the end of the month and it'll be the boys second family holiday together, only this time Beau will be able to join in a lot more and I can't wait to see them on the beach together - one that isn't full of stones like the ones near our house.

I love these boys and I love that they have each other.



  1. Happy brothers. First thing Chloe does when she wakes up is look for Matthew. #siblingsproject

  2. Ahhh the way Beau is looking at Tyler there with such adoration! Heart melting! I think Noah was referred to as "Baby Noah" for at least a year lol. #siblingsproject

  3. Lovely photos, as always! How exciting that Beau is nearly one! x #siblingsproject

  4. Hiya I have just nominated you for a Blogger Recognition Award.


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