Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Our Fruity Family BBQ With Robinsons ♥

It's National BBQ Week and we were asked by Robinsons to host a fruity family BBQ, and being a family of fruit lovers and barbecued food, we were more than happy to oblige.

We do have a picnic table in our garden, however, Tyler insisted we sit in the sun, so we dragged the table and chairs from his playhouse outside and set up a lovely little seating area for ourselves. I think he loved it even more because he was pretending we were 'guests' in his house and he was having us around for dinner - adorable!

I love his imagination and he makes me laugh so much with his little sayings. Most of the time our days are so busy, and we rarely have the time to sit down and enjoy each other's company as much as we'd like to. So during our fruity family BBQ I really wanted to relish every opportunity I could to sit down next to the boys and talk to them whilst we enjoyed our healthy food and drinks. The glorious sunshine only added to the loveliness of these moments.

Fruit squash is the drink of choice in our house. I think it's the perfect drink to have on hand for kids as it encourages them to drink water, without them actually really knowing they're doing so. Some fruit squashes can be high in sugar, but Robinsons is different. Robinsons Squash contains real fruit in every drop and no added sugar.  

As a mother of young boys, whom I don't want having too much sugar, it's reassuring to know that there's such a wide range of no added sugar flavour options available, such as the Robinsons range. It's even better to know that they taste yummy too! Honestly, the Robinsons range is very refreshing and very tasty - the Fruit & Barley Summer Fruits being my own favourite and we drink it all year round, although it's particularly lovely to enjoy a glass through a straw on a warm and sunny summers day!

For our BBQ Tyler and I made some fruit skewers and he was delighted to help with the food preparation. That boy loves his fruit! He's always eating an apple - anytime he stays with his Nana he eats all her apples! He also loves strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and grapes and actually chooses fruit over chocolate - something which never ceases to amaze me!

He also loves his fruity drinks and Robinsons Fruit Squash is the perfect drink for him to have during the day - he even takes a bottle of it to school with him. He's always running around and very busy, so making sure he's well hydrated is important for me. I'm glad I've found a tasty drink that he's happy to guzzle down anytime he's feeling thirsty. I also find that giving him a glass with a straw just encourages him to drink even more - isn't it funny how kids find the greatest joy in the simplest of things?

Beau is now taking after his big brother and is loving fruit too. He was really loving the melon from Tyler and I's fruit skewers.

It was lovely to sit down in the sunshine with my little family after such a busy day, enjoying good food and drinks and having some laughs. It's these kinds of moments that make for the best memories.

I think we'll be having lots more BBQ dinners over the course of the summer. It's just so easy to have the kids playing in the garden, whip the BBQ out, cook off some delicious meats for everyone and let the kids build their own burgers or have some chicken with salads. The fruit was a lovely addition to our BBQ too and it was lovely to have Tyler involved with making the food - he's a very willing little helper!

Lets home for the sun and lots more family BBQ's!

* I'm working with Robinsons in a paid relationship. Find out more about Robinsons here


  1. What beautiful photos! Since being pregnant I've been obsessed with frozen Robinsons Lemon Squash - I could drink it all day long :)

  2. What a lovely set up with the playhouse, add the sun, some good food and drink and you're sorted!

  3. I do love to have as many family BBQ's over the Summer. My little ones love fruit juices and we make them into lollies when the weather is warm.

  4. I love Robinsons juice, it is the only drink I let my children have. Your photos are beautiful and it looks like you had a lovely family BBQ xx

  5. Your photos are gorgeous, we are huge robinsons fans here!!

  6. Fruit and Barley always reminds me of my grandma as she always used to drink it!!

  7. Beautiful pictures. Your pictures made me want a nice glass of Robinson's, good job we have some in:):)

  8. Lovely photos. My kids love squah but I try to limit it to meal times to be kind to their teeth. Squash is perfect in the warm weather to encourage re-hydrating

  9. I love Robinson's Barley juices. The lemon one always reminds me of being at my Nana's as that was the only juice she would ever have in her kitchen.

  10. Beautiful captures! We LOVE Robinsons, our cupboards are always stocked up with it :)

  11. What lovely pictures, my Mum use to get Barley fruit juice, but I have forgotten about it for us. I think my kids would love it

  12. I have always loved Robinsons and buy there no added sugar drinks whenever I am doing my monthly food shop


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