Thursday, May 25, 2017

Family Holiday Ideas | An Ocean Cruise ♥

I've shared some lovely family holiday ideas on the blog before, as well as our own family holidays over the years, but today I thought I'd write about a holiday we haven't experienced yet, but one which I think is ideal for families - ocean cruising.

Our annual family holiday is something we look forward to all year round - from the moment we get back from the holiday we've just had actually. Travelling is something we really enjoy and we believe that it's important to share the joy of travelling with our children, after all, what better way to learn than experiencing the world?

We live in one of the most popular cruise ports in the world and seeing the big, luxurious ships come into and dock in the harbour on an almost daily basis during the summer, has left me longing to take my family on some ocean cruises of very our own and experience a different kind of holiday, at sea.

Jacek has already been on a cruise around the Mediterranean and he can't speak highly enough about it. He's made it all sound quite whimsical - being on one holiday on a big, beautiful ship, but waking up in a new destination almost every morning - sounds wonderful, right? This all sounds so appealing to me, because although I do love travelling, I'm not overly fond of the whole transport of it all - taking young children on busy trains and long bus rides isn't a joy of mine. So the ease of cruising sounds amazing to me.

I think an ocean cruise holiday is something we'd all enjoy. Having a cabin to relax in, pools and other attractions to enjoy on the ship - all in close proximity so the children would be well entertained and being able to explore the different destinations that we sail into. It sounds so idyllic to me and the perfect holiday option for a family.

The Caribbean would be my ideal destination for a cruise, stopping by all those beautiful white sand islands would be an absolute dream, but I also love the idea of a Norwegian fjord cruise - like the one Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks and her family enjoyed, would be amazing too. Imagine the photo opportunities of that beautiful landscape!

Also, with ocean cruising, there are cruise destinations all over the world, meaning that if you and your family already have an area or destination that you'd like to explore in mind, you can almost guarantee that it's covered by a cruise route (unless it's inland of course!).

An ocean cruise is something we're definitely going to experience as a family for one of our holidays one year. It's just something that we have to save up for and I know that the experience, luxury and adventures we'll have, will be well worth the money.

Have you and your family ever been on a cruise? Can you recommend any beautiful destinations?



  1. Fiona,

    Cruising is great, we went on our first cruise three years ago and have gone on two more since... all Mediterranean cruises, we have been to Spain, Majorca, France, Italy, Montenegro, Croatia, mainland Greece, four Greek islands and Turkey... best holidays ever... We were on large and small ships. Went on the largest ship in the world at the time Allure of the Seas, it was surreal... went ice skating, went to the Broadway Show Mamma Mia, comedy clubs, shopping, it was amazing... I also loved the older smaller ships as they went directly into towns/cities like Mykonos, Kudasadi, Croatia, etc... We are hooked on cruising now and dont know how we would get on with a regular holiday as we would get fed up really quickly and find it difficult to find nice places to eat and entertainment in the evening/night time.

    All things nice...

  2. I have never been on a cruise before. It's on my list though. I'd love to go even if it's only a European one. There are so many great ships out there but the highlight would probably be the Disney cruise.


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