Friday, May 19, 2017

Beau Samuel James Is One ♥

My happy, cheeky, loveable, chilled-out and smiley baby is ONE!

I have to admit, I've been quite emotional this week thinking about him turning one. Our year with him seems to have gone by in a flash, yet it seems like he's always been part of our lives and he's fit into our family just perfectly.

There's never a peep out of the little babe and he's almost always happy. He's been a dream, a dote and a darling and I couldn't have wished for a more perfect little baby to grace our lives.

When it was Tyler's first birthday I wasn't really into photography, nor was I skilled at all at taking pictures. So now that I'm quite passionate about taking pictures, I really wanted to make sure that I captured some images of Beau that really summed up his happy, funny spirit and I think I've done just that.

He was very happy crawling and sitting next to the beautiful purple wisteria, cascading down a wall at a beautiful local garden. His little knees were covered in grass stains and all he wanted to do was eat petals and the dirt around him - oh to be one!

This little babe of ours is happiest when he's left to wander and explore and his character is the most loveliest and amusing to watch. He's a joy.

Happy first birthday little love.



  1. Oh my GOD, Fi - you have outdone yourself! You'll take the pics when he marries one of my girls, yes..? These are glorious.

  2. These photos are beautiful! Happy birthday Beau X


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