Friday, May 12, 2017

Beach Life ♥

The weather has been glorious here in Ireland these past few weeks and when my mother said last night that it hasn't rained in about five weeks I was actually astounded. It's very rare to go this long without rain here - the wet and windy weather being a staple part of Irish life, but we've made the most of these clear blue sky days and have a new favourite place to go, the beach.

We've been fully embracing beach life, visiting our sunny, stony spot every day after we pick Tyler up from school - one of the many positives of having him attend a countryside preschool now. Who knew that a couple of spades, toy trucks and a watering can could keep two young children entertained for so long?

This beach, Glenmore, is one of the hidden gems on our island and I'm glad to say we had the place to ourselves on each of our visits. A place seems much more special when you have it all to yourself, doesn't it?

Tyler, the water-loving Aquarius boy that he is, was even brave enough to have his first swim of the year in the freezing cold Atlantic waters. The cold never phases him and I wish I had his enthusiasm for just jumping into the water and letting go of all inhibitions! He didn't even having swimming togs, but he wasn't shy in stripping off and venturing in in his t-shirt and underwear. Oh to be four again.

I don't know if poor Beau is made for the outdoors - his constant runny nose and watering eyes make me think he may be allergic to something, but he had an absolute ball watching Tyler splashing around in rock pools, eager to join in. His giggles are infectious and it seems that his big brother is his biggest source of entertainment - who knew that throwing pebbles from a tiny bucket could be so funny?!

Flowers seem to follow me everywhere - the must know how much I love them - and the beach rocks were dotted with the prettiest pink blooms. Jacek took some gorgeous pictures of them, he really has an eye for landscape/flower photography, whereas I'm responsible for the people and nature pictures we want to capture. I really do love having a partner who's interested in the same things I am.

After every each beach visit we're absolutely exhausted. The salty sea air really does take it out of you, doesn't it? It's a perfect tonic for helping myself and the children sleep soundly.

Tyler cracks me up. He spotted a dog swimming in the water and shouted - "Look mummy, it's a mermaid!". His imagination is wonderful and very active and I find myself coming up with folklore of my own to questions he asks, such as finding a hair clamp on the beach and asking what it was - I told him it was a mermaids hairbrush, or climbing to the top of stony banks and declaring he's a king. Four is a great age.

I think we'll be beach bums this summer - and why not? Living on an island means we have the beautiful seaside on our doorstep, and even if it's not the gorgeous white sandy beaches that I dream of, they still give us much needed quiet time, bundles of fresh air and a place to make happy memories with each other.


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  1. Love beach days. We ditched our visit to the museum the weekend and went to the beach instead. Unfortunately it's back to the rain now.


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