Friday, May 12, 2017

5 Fun Ideas For Movie Nights With Kids ♥

I have a confession to make, I have never taken my four year old to the cinema.

I see parents lovingly post pictures on social media of their little darlings first ever time at the cinema and it's lovely to see, but I won't be posting one of those pictures anytime soon because I know my son will not sit still (or quiet!) through a whole film.

He does enjoy watching films though - even if he has inherited my short attention span when it comes to sitting through something which is more than an hour long... and this is why we choose to have family movie nights instead.

Our family movie nights are a ball, and right now, the only thing that could make them even better would be having a fab TV, one like the Ultra HD TV Panasonic which would really add to our 'home cinema' experience!

I thought I'd share some fun ideas for movie nights in with the kids, all which are cheap or free (even better!) to do, but will seem amazing to your little ones and will make their movie night a whole lot more exciting!

1. Make flavoured popcorn
No movie night would be complete without a bowl of popcorn (or two) and getting the kids to help you make their own flavoured popcorn will be a real treat for them. My eldest boy is a big fan of my white chocolate popcorn with Love Heart sweets and sprinkles, but you can mix the popcorn up with whatever ingredients the kids want to really make it their own special treat to eat whilst watching a great film.

2. Pretend you're at the drive-in
What could be cooler for kids (and us adults!) than pretending we're at the drive-in?! All you need are some old cardboard boxes, scissors and markers and voila - the cutest little cars to keep your little film watchers happy. You could even make some for their cuddly toys to join in too. Sophie's Nursery shows how to make cardboard cars as part of her Wheels on the Bus learning activities.

3. Take it outside
This is a fun thing to do, especially during the summer. Simply pop up the teepee or a tent (my boys think being in the teepee is the best thing ever!) and let the little ones watch a film on the tablet or iPad. Pop lots of cushions and blankets in their too to give a real 'camping' feel to their film watching experience.

4. Theme it to the movie
This is fun if you want to go all out and really make the movie night and experience for the kids. Tailor your food, clothes and decorations (if you want them) to the movie watching - such as an 'under the sea' theme for The Little Mermaid, lots of balloons for a screening of UP or a Mad Hatter's tea party for watching Alice in Wonderland... the possibilities are endless!

5. Print our tickets
Kids love the whole rigmarole of going to the cinema - choosing their treats, getting to see a movie on a big screen and having their own tickets, so why not print out some tickets of their very own at home? You could even laminate them for use on all family movie nights and personalise them with their names. Dabbles & Babbles has a great free family movie night printable.

*This is a collaborative post on behalf of Panasonic, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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