Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tyler Lee & Beau | Siblings {April 2017} ♥

For the first time in a long time I can finally say that it doesn't feel like the month has just flown by. In fact, time seems to have really slowed down in the past month and I think that may be a good thing.

This past month these little brothers have spent a lot of time together and we've gotten into a lovely daily routine playtime, long walks and trips to the shop for ice-cream - Tyler's favourite thing at the moment. Thankfully he's happy to share with his baby brother, who too seems to have developed a love for the sweet stuff.

We've gone lots of places together this past month, meaning that the boys have been having some adventures together and one of my favourite things to witness, as their mother, is the two of them interacting with the nature around them. This past month they've been amongst the buttercups, bluebells and wild garlic and it's been lovely seeing and photographing them in such beautiful surroundings and capturing their time together on camera. Tyler's just told me that "Beau is a nice purple flower" and I'm not too sure what that means but it sounds lovely!

Tyler also calls Beau 'Beauzie Boozie', which is very sweet and Beau has started to make a sound similar to 'brother'.

The boys now play together a lot and I often catch them sitting under the clothes horse or the kitchen table, hiding out and playing together or watching the tablet. Beau seems to be big into another Tyler likes and he's now playing with the toy washing machines too... God help me. Beau has also developed a love of dinkies and likes to scoot around with them in the hall upstairs.

Tyler is still firmly keeping his place as the protective older brother and if Beau is doing something he shouldn't Tyler can be heard saying - "Stop Beau, that is very bad. Don't do that again, do you hear me?" Beau of course just looks at him back with a cheeky smile.

Tyler is still affectionate towards his baby brother, maybe too over-enthusiastic with the cuddles at times, which annoys Beau, but Beau seems to be accepting that it's all part of the parcel of being the little brother now and started giggling madly when Tyler almost made them fall over while cuddling amongst the wild garlic - I'm so glad I caught that moment on camera.

These two little boys are growing up so quickly and I can't quite believe that we'll be celebrating Beau's first birthday next month... but as they grow, so does their relationship and I love to see them play and interact with one another. I'm sure they'll be the best of friends, or at least I hope so!



  1. Oh what a gorgeous set of photos - and lucky you for having bluebells so soon - ours are still having a think about it!

  2. Lovely photos I can't wait to go to see the bluebells this weekend. It sounds like a lovely month you have had x

  3. Look at them cuddling in the flowers so gorgeous. The sun and the happy smiles what a precious month to celebrate. They are forming a lasting bond forever. It's amazing to watch isn't it? #siblingsproject


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