Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pampers To Donate 300,000 Nappies to Premature Babies Across Ireland ♥

The first thing any parent wants to do when they see their newborn baby for the first time is hold them. But imagine giving birth to your long awaited baby a lot sooner than you ever thought you would and having to give up that precious moment to ensure that the life of your baby could be saved - it's heartbreaking, but this is the reality for parents of premature babies.

Did you know that there are approximately 4,500 premature babies born in Ireland every year? I was on the other end of the scale, with my sons arriving right on time and exactly a week overdue respectively, they were also big boys, tipping the end of the 9lb scale, so it's hard for me to imagine how hard it must be for parents of preemies, but watching the below video of the emotions parents of a preemie baby go through, has given me an insight into how hard it must be and how every little moment with their baby is seen as a milestone.

One of these important milestones being the first nappy change, a moment when parents of preemies are able to touch and care for their child themselves and Pampers are doing their part to care for these little fighters too, by developing the Pampers Preemie Protection range.

Designed to specifically meet the needs of the tiniest little fighters, the new size P3 nappies are three times smaller than the size of a regular newborn nappy and are suitable for babies as small as 1.8lbs (800g).

Neonatal nurses are currently having to use regular newborn nappies on premature babies - which you can imagine isn't ideal or particularly comfortable for their tiny frames. The new Preemie Protection nappies from Pampers have been designed to specifically meet the needs of premature babies, minimising discomfort and disruption for them, which in turn helps with sleep, positioning and medical care.

Pampers is committed to the happy, healthy development of every baby in Ireland - including the tiniest ones, and this is why they have designed a nappy to fit even the smallest of premature babies. Pampers has also partnered with the Irish Premature Babies Association, the largest premature charity in Ireland, which helps to support the tiniest little fighters and their families.

Pampers are donating their new Preemie Protection range nappies to maternity hospitals, special care baby unites and neo-natal units around Ireland for one year and after reading and watching the emotional rollercoaster preemies and their parents have to go through, I think it's great that Pampers are doing their bit to help premature babies and their families in any way that they can and I'm proud to be associated with a brand that really cares for the little fighters in this world.

If by any chance you can't get the nappies from your maternity hospital you can email and Pampers will arrange to get a supply sent out to you.

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  1. my baby (she is 3 months old now) was not premature but was born very small anyway all I wanted to say that its great what Pampers are doing!! great post


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