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Organix Goodies | Healthy Organic Treats For Kids ♥

I've been buying Organix products since Tyler was a baby, so I've been a customer of theirs for four years now, and without fail, they've been a brand whose snacks both my boys will never refuse.

What first drew me to Organix was their bright and colourful packaging - I'm a sucker for anything that looks good because it just speaks quality to me and that's the kind of stuff I want my children to be eating, quality - no junk, no unnecessary things, just all the good stuff.  When I looked closer, I was even more impressed that the snacks Organix were offering were all organic and all looked like proper treats, but much healthier of course and it's much easier to get a young child to eat something that looks like a yummy treat, as well as it being healthy.

This was ideal for us as Tyler has a sweet tooth and is always looking for a treat, so having a healthy option to give him that still looks like something enticing is a winner for us. I actually think the Organix range is quite wholesome for kids. The snacks available all include healthy ingredients and they taste delicious too - I have been know to do a taste test or two, just to make sure they'll be fine for the kids of course...

Organix has a 'no junk promise' attached to their snacks, and as a parent to two young children who love their food, this makes me very happy. My boys are constantly hungry - I mean honestly, do they ever stop eating - and having healthy snacks on had for them is always a must.

We spend a lot of time outdoors as a family and I always have to pack a bag of snacks for the boys to bring along on our adventures. I always pack some snacks from the Organix range as the foods available aren't too messy, they won't destroy the car or the boys clothes and they can eat them themselves easily without me having to help them.

Tyler's favourite snack from the Organix range is the gingerbread men. He sees them as being a real treat and Beau has now begun snacking on them too. The carrot cake bars are also a big favourite here too.

The boys were recently sent a selection of snacks by Organix to add to their cupboard stash and for them to enjoy at snack times and on our days out.

Sweet Cinnamon Puffcorn - Tyler is a big fan of popcorn and he loves these. I tried some myself and the flavour was nice with the cinnamon. Beau is a fan of cinnamon flavour anything and these are aimed at 12+ months, but I gave him some as he's well able to manage all types of foods - especially now he has six teeth, and due to the texture of the Puffcorn, it melts in the mouth and is easier for younger children to eat. Beau couldn't get enough of these.

Carrot Stix - Tyler absolutely loves these and I think he's always happy to eat them because he thinks he's getting a bag of crisps! Sorry buddy, they're much healthier than that! These are also aimed at 12+ months but Beau is able to handle these too. The texture means they also melt in the mouth and their perfect for him to chomp on when he's having a bad teething pain day. My only bug bear with these is that the orange residue off them gets all over his clothes and hands - a nightmare for mothers like me who can't handle stains on the kids clothes.

Berry Crispy Bars - I always buy the Organix bar packs as their perfect for Tyler's lunch box and he's a fan of the berry crispy bars. These are pack full of raisins and crispy puffs of rice so they're very moreish and a great treat snack for the kids.

Raisins Mini Boxes - These are so handy for days out and for packing in Tyler's lunch box for school because he can open them himself. He's loved raisins from a young age and he's always happy to have a box. One of these boxes counts as one of a child's five a day too!

We'll continue to purchase Organix snacks for the boys. We always find great offers on the range in Boots (and yay for picking up card points) and Tesco and buy in bulk. Organix may be on the pricier end of the kids snack spectrum, but I'm always willing to pay that little bit more to make sure my boys are eating healthy snacks that don't contain anything they don't need too - plus, both boys enjoy the snacks the Organix range offers and it's always great to find something both of them like.

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  1. These look great - I always worry about selecting appropriate snacks for the girls. It's reassuring to know that Organix have a no junk promise!

    1. I'm the same Lucy, but Organix is always a winner with myself and the boys. They love their snacks!

  2. We love these in our household too - yum!

  3. These all look great. Will have to recommend to my Sister who loves to make sure she is always giving her kids organic food whenever she can!

  4. We've always loved Organix. I get every time I see new products for sale


  5. Oh we are big fans of the organix brand in our house. My two love the carrot stix!

  6. Sophie loves Organix - her favourites are the raisins! x

  7. These are about the only snacks that my little sister eats and she has been eating their snacks since they began! Beautiful photos x

  8. We have always loved Organix. The kids saw them as a treat which was great, a win win I'd say! Gorgeous photos as always!

  9. Pickle loves Organix, such a great range of snacks. I love that they are organic. Kaz x

  10. Perfect snack ideas, they can easily be popped in your bag to take out too. My girls at 7 love these snacks too!

  11. I agree about the carrot stix colour rubbing off! We love the crisp type snacks and use them as a starter before each meal.

  12. I have to say I love the berry bars - I often find myself buying them!

  13. It's so great that people are waking up to kid's nutrition these days! Healthy snacks are so important!

  14. We are big fans of organix products and as they are local I have visited their factory a few times

  15. I actually bought the carrot sticks last week and Ophelia was impressed. Will have to try the rest. It all looks great x

  16. We've always really loved Organix, such great snacks and perfect for at home or in the change bag when out and about x

  17. Oscar loves Organix stuff. I'm planning on putting some of his favourite treats in his lunches when he starts school in September :)

    Louise x


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