Monday, April 17, 2017

Little Bunny Blue | Baby's 1st Easter ♥

This Easter was a good one, not only was it spent with the people I love, but it was also our little bunny Beau's first Easter and he was absolutely adorable in his little handmade outfit.

I have a bit of an obsession with finding new handmade children's clothing shops on Instagram and the one who made Beau's Easter outfit was a real find, the wonderful Levi and Evelyn - I'm finding that some of the best handmade clothing shops are based in Australia, the designs are just beautiful!

I may now also develop an addiction to baby bonnets after seeing how cute Beau was in his little bunny ears one - the cuteness!

The boys had stayed with their Nana overnight, so Jacek and I had a bit of a lie in on Easter morning before tackling our house and all the stuff in it - a huge clear out is needed, we have way too much stuff! I had a traditional Easter breakfast of half an Easter egg and did some blog work, but it was lovely to have quiet and to get my tasks done in peace without the busyness of the boys for once.

When we got to my mother's house I was greeted by a very lovable Tyler, who told me he loved me and couldn't wait to climb up into my arms. I swear, this biggest boy of mine is too cute. Beau greeted us with cries, I don't know if he was shocked or overwhelmed by our presence but we'll go with the latter...

I gave the boys their Easter basket, pictures of which I shared here, and they had great fun rifling through everything and taking chunks out of the chocolate chick and lamb - Beau's first proper taste of chocolate.

After a delicious roast dinner, lovingly prepared by my mam - she makes the best dinners, I feel bad that my boys will never think that about me - we went out to the garden for some playtime and pictures.

Beau, sitting on a blanket, had taken a shine to my mams basket of eggs decoration and tried to chew on them all - at least they kept him happy and entertained. Tyler did his favourite thing - play chase with his daddy and because he was preoccupied with this, he stubbornly refused all pictures. I just hope in a few years when we're looking back at all these posts and pictures that he doesn't ask me where he was...

It was such a lovely Easter, I couldn't have asked for better. It was relaxed, full of laughter and just what we all needed and wanted. It was a perfect first Easter for Beau and that's all I wanted.


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  1. Beautiful photos. He is absolutely adorable! Oh he a cutie-pie. I also adore your red floral dress, you look really lovely. xx


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