Monday, April 24, 2017

Beautiful Flower Themed Gifts For Any Occasion ♥

Anyone who knows me knows that I love flowers and anything floral themed. There's nothing lovelier than seeing a sea of colourful flowers in bloom once springtime arrives and I can never resist bringing flowers into my own home or buying floral print things whenever I can.

I wanted to put together a gift guide of beautiful flower themed gifts, all perfect for flower lovers like me.

Glazed & gold red rose
This glazed and gold trimmed natural red rose from Eternity Rose is an absolutely beautiful gift idea, perfect for gifting someone a rose that will last forever. They have a variety of colours available, but this red rose reminded me of the rose from Beauty & the Beast and it seemed quite fitting to include given it's popularity at the moment.

Hat box of roses
It's my dream to be gifted with a hat box of roses, I think it's such a lovely way of presenting flowers to someone. This Candy Rose box from Bloombox is just dreamy.

Floral crown
A floral crown has been on my wish list for the longest time, I think they're gorgeous and perfect for photos - which I never stop taking! This one in particular from Princesse Mlleartsy on Etsy is so beautiful! They even make duo crowns for mothers and daughters - an absolutely adorable gift idea!

Flower ring
A flower ring is a perfect gift as it means a flower lover can be adorned with flowers everyday. This Forget Me Not ring from IrynaFleur on Etsy is so pretty, I just love that blue colour. Want!

Flower wall print
This print from Little Emma's Flowers on Etsy is so pretty and perfect for a flower lover to hang on their wall.

VQ Retro MK II Radio
This radio is something of beauty and it's available in a range of colours and Emma Bridgewater prints, but this Emma Bridgewater Rosebee print in particular is perfect for flower lovers. I've reviewed this radio here.

Large floral letter
These large floral letters from the Begonia Rose Co. on Etsy are absolutely gorgeous and very Instagram-worthy I think. I'd love to adorn my wall with one of these and they'd also be perfect for gifting to a couple getting married too.

Seed bags
What could be more perfect for a flower lover than seeds to grow their very own? These seed floral print seed bags from Say You Do on Etsy are so pretty and a perfect little favour to say thank you or to gift people with at weddings, baby showers or birthdays.

Personalised flower press
This is such a lovely gift idea for flower lovers, allowing them to create memories by preserving flowers from special occasions and outdoor adventures. I love this personalised one from Zoe Gibbons on Not on the High Street.


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