Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Woodland Easter Egg Hunt ♥

This was our third woodland Easter egg hunt and I'm so glad I began this tradition with Tyler back when he was a cute little two year old.

I remember doing our hunt last year, heavily pregnant and huffing and puffing whilst putting up the decorations and photographing my boy hunting for the eggs... I remember thinking then about the little baby who would be joining us the following year on our hunt and I love that Beau was finally part of our seasonal adventures yesterday.

Jacek was working so I set everything up for the hunt myself. Beau was crawling around on the woodland floor, Tyler was climbing on top of earth banks and looking into the surrounding fields. As I knelt on the mossy carpet on top of the woodland floor, watching my two boys stuff chocolate eggs into their little mouths, clothes covered in dirt and chocolate, I actually felt so happy.

I shared some of these pictures on Instagram last night and people commented on how 'fairytale like' our Easter egg hunt looked. Honestly, I'll never be surprised by the power of bunting to make everything look so pretty.

I try my best on a daily basis to make moments magical for my children. These efforts of mine don't have to cost money - this Easter egg hunt was completely penny free for me as I already had everything lying around and to see their little faces light up with happiness and wonder at the most simplest of things - such as some decorations and the prospect of finding some little chocolate eggs, just makes my days worthwhile.

The cherry on the cake after our hunt was over and done with was Tyler saying thank you to me for doing it all. He has the best manners. I gave him a big hug and told him he didn't need to thank me at all, that as long as he was happy I was happy.

It just made the effort of doing it all, my aching arms after carrying a very heavy Beau through the woods (a real workout let me tell you!) and the drive out there worth every moment.

This is a tradition I'll always do with them, in our special little fairytale place within the woods.



  1. Beautiful photos as always, very cute ears! We had a small hunt in our back garden organised by my mother in law

  2. Oh what a gorgeous Easter egg hunt that is! Your photos are just stunning, every time without fail!

  3. OMG those knitted bunny ears are the cutest thing ever!! Absolutely adorable

  4. I would have to agree it really does look like a fairytale, you always take the most beautiful photos. Glad the Easter Hunt went well x

  5. Oh my gosh these are just beautiful photos xx

  6. Awwww lovely pictures. We did organised ones this year but really should plan our own

  7. This looks like a truly magical Easter. Fabulous photos!

  8. What a wonderful Easter egg hunt, such a great idea. I am sure they will treasure those memories (and photos). :)

  9. SO cute, and I love the hat with the bunny ears!! What a lovely tradition to make


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