Tuesday, April 25, 2017

5 Unique & Beautiful Places To Get Married in the UK ♥

A persons wedding day is a day which they've probably looked forward to for a very long time. It's also a day that a lot of care, precision and planning goes into too, with the bride and groom wanting their 'big day' to be a perfect affair and a day full of fun, love and happy memories for them and their guests to remember for years to come.

One key factor when it comes to planning a wedding is choosing where the wedding and reception will take place. Personally, I'd love to get married outside and I don't think anyone would expect any less from my nature loving self and for the reception I think Jacek and myself would love a castle or an old manor house to entertain our guests - our love of visiting historical places would have to play a part in our special day after all.

I've shared my dream Alice in Wonderland themed wedding ideas on the blog before and I think these would be perfectly fitting for an outdoor/castle wedding too.

If you're planning your wedding, it can be quite daunting trying to find a venue to suit your needs, numbers and be a place you absolutely love too, but luckily there are ways to search for and compare a whole host of venues all at once with sites such as Venuefinder. With their 'quick search' you can search for all manner of venues within the UK and abroad too, which really is a great tool for those trying to plan a special occasion such as a wedding.

If you're looking for some wedding location inspiration within the UK, I decided to share five unique and beautiful places to get married around. Would you consider getting married in any of these places?

National History Museum
Have you always enjoyed the mucky quiet walks around the museum? Well not only does the National History Museum do sleepovers (can you actually believe this? I have visions of Night at the Museum happening) but it caters for weddings too - amazing! 

It’s pretty standard for a museum to have wonderful architecture and this place is the cream of the crop. With that fantastic staircase for your entrance as man and wife surrounded by wonderful exhibits, this certainly has a lot of character and it certainly will be unforgettable for both you and your guests. There are two spaces that cater for as little as fifty guests and as many as six-hundred and fifty, including the room with the dinosaur - a very unique wedding location I'm sure you'll agree!

Manchester Art Gallery
A church might be the traditional way to get hitched, but there are so many other options if you’re not religiously inclined. Whilst the National History museum thrives on traditional and the beautiful architecture, the Manchester Art Gallery is one for those who like IKEA furniture and new builds - the contemporary couple.

This venue has everything covered from the vow-taking to the tipsy dancing well into the night. It happens to be a little bargain as far as wedding venues are concerned as well, which, considering how expensive weddings and all their trimmings can get, is a real bonus!

Clearwell Castle
Marrying your Prince Charming? All girlie girls grow up dreaming of their perfect wedding day complete with a fairytale castle. The great thing us that the UK has a rich history, which has resulted in incredible architecture from many many different time periods - perfect for those wanting a historic and dreamy touch for their big day.

For the Medieval style fortress, travel to the beautiful Forest of Dean for this amazing venue. 

One Mayfair
If you’ve always been in love with the capital - whether you live there or visit as often as you can, then chances are you can’t wait to find the perfect glitzy venue to suit your cosmopolitan lifestyle. 

The One Mayfair has all of the glamour you are looking for - think of the venues you see them perusing around on Made in Chelsea. The architecture is haunting and traditional but they have injected certain contemporary elements that give a really amazing contract.

HMS Warrior
Are you a lover of the sea? Was Titanic your favourite film? Then look no further than getting married on a boat.

The HMS Warrior sure does have that extra factor, regardless if you’re partial to a little sea sickness. 


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