Thursday, April 20, 2017

4 Places For 'Real' Women To Get Makeup Tips ♥

Beauty bloggers are always popping up on Facebook or Instagram with their latest and most outrageous makeup tips. They show how a woman can transform herself into someone completely different with a few swipes of strategically laid contour makeup.

Some bloggers put up pictures of models looking like they're the famous cartoon tiger on the cereal box in their "before" photos and then a glamorous movie star in the "after" pictures and while they do show you how to achieve the look, it's often time-consuming and requires a lot of makeup.

Following are four bloggers who focus on natural-looking faces using easily available products.

Lisa Eldridge
Lisa Eldridge has made up famous faces around the world. Her work is seen on fashion runways, in movies, in magazines, and anywhere someone has their face placed in print or on film. Eldridge's signature makeup style consists of the natural face with the least amount of effort. She does step away from the natural face style on occasion, but she doesn't have you putting down layers of contour before covering it up. She also recommends products to help you achieve her looks, although she doesn't have her own line of makeup. 

This blog shows you how to look like you just walked off the runway with as little effort as possible. She offers video tutorials as well as entertaining and practical tips galore. 

The Chronicles of Her 
This blog, also known as TCoH, focuses on the finer things of life, but not to the point that you'll go broke trying to follow her style. TCoH promotes a natural look with makeup and shows you how to look fresh without being overdone. Sometimes the writer focuses on using as few products as possible; sometimes she gets a little more complicated. The overall takeaway from The Chronicles of Her is looking glamorous without going over the top. While she does recommend products, you might want to take a look at the makeup offerings from Amway as an alternative to more expensive brands. 

Amway's makeup line performs just as well as the expensive brands, and the company stays on point when it comes to color trends. 

The Everygirl
The Everygirl blog features daily updates on both timeless and the latest fashion trends. It focuses on women who want to look good but don't want to go out of their way to do so. It adheres to the "keep it simple" principle, something that should appeal to a busy woman. Makeup tips on the blog show you how to look your best without spending a lot of time on your routine. It has great tutorials on how to create the no-makeup look or how to apply makeup minimally to enhance your best assets.

The overall theme of the blog is living a lifestyle, but it's got a sensible and broad appeal on a variety of topics that focus on women's concerns. Spend some time on this blog to explore all the tips and suggestions that you can incorporate into your daily life.

Not a Model
This is a style and fashion blog written by Marina De Giovanni. She puts together video tutorials that show you how to use makeup in a minimalist fashion, how to maintain your skin, and a variety of beauty tips that work wonders. Marina collaborates with "drugstore" brand makeup companies to demonstrate how you can look good with products that aren't too pricey. 

The idea behind Not a Model is to show how any woman can look her very best without putting a lot of effort into her makeup routines. Marina has tutorials about focusing on improving a specific part of the face with products you wouldn't normally consider using. She explains her philosophies in a clear manner and walks the viewer through each step of the process. Makeup becomes very personal as each woman finds what she wants to highlight, conceal, and present to the world. It's normal to want to get the most out of the least, especially when time is tight. These blogs help you do just that and a little bit more.


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