Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tyler Lee & Beau | Siblings {March 2017} ♥

It's siblings time again! My goodness, don't the days just fly by the older you get? Maybe it's just me, but I feel like I don't even time to breath and another month has passed us by.

This month my boys have become even closer - if that's even possible, they now play together every day and are the best of friends. Honestly, I think the best thing I could ever do for Tyler in life is give him a brother, he is absolutely besotted by Beau and calls him his "best friend".

Tyler waits until I have Beau ready to go downstairs in the morning - he insists that we all must go down together, then they both watch Milkshake whilst I get their breakfasts and Beau's bottle ready. It's very sweet that Tyler wants us all to do everything together and at the same time. I sometimes wonder if it's because he can't bear to be away from his brother or if it's because he doesn't want to be left out, either way, it's something I'm very happy to embrace.

Now that Beau's almost ten months and able to sit up steadily and move around a bit, I'm happy for him and Tyler to play together whilst I'm pottering around doing household things. Beau has started taking an interest in Tyler's toy washing machines (oh no!), because he sees Tyler playing with them all the time! They also play with the cuddly toys, car and blocks, with Tyler going a bit OTT at times and filling up Beau's room with stuff all over the floor!

Now that the weather is a bit nicer I've also had the boys out in the garden together. Beau is now too long to lay down in his Diono travel cot, so I sit him in it as a playpen of sorts and pop him sitting outside Tyler's playhouse. Tyler then, of course, wants to hop into the cot beside Beau... I must get the floor of the playhouse sorted before I'm happy for them to sit down on the floor in there. I have the tiles, now I just need the time and good weather to get them all laid down. But it'll be ready for the long, warm summer days, which both boys can spend in the garden together.

We've gotten out and about together a lot this past month and it's been absolutely lovely walking around with both boys and having them sit under trees in bloom and explore the nature around them. Tyler has taken a shine to picking berries off bushes and putting them on the grass for the birds and Beau seems to like the organic diet of leaves, dirt and flower petals... I swear, that baby would eat anything given half the chance!

These pictures we taken on a very sunny day during the week, it was like summer had already arrived. I picked Tyler up from school - he began in a new preschool last week and is thankfully getting along well - and we all headed out to a beautiful garden near to our home. I popped the boys under a gorgeous tree surrounded by daffodils and other wild flowers and they had their first ever picnic together. It was such a sweet moment and one that I was very happy to capture on video too.

These boys of mine melt my heart. They are the best little brothers and I love how close they are.

Here's to another wonderful month filled with brotherly adventures for them.



  1. Daffodils and spring sunshine! Perfect <3 x

  2. Hello daffodils! <3 Gorgeous pictures, they me feel like summer is finally on its way. And what a gorgeous pair of chaps you have too! :) x

    1. Thank you so much. I think summer was on it's way and now it's sadly retreated again. Boo!

  3. Light beams are so beautiful. What gorgeous snaps of your little ones among the flowers. We are loving the lighter days now aren't you? #siblingsproject

    1. Thank you so much Jenny. I'm loving the lighter days, I just wish the wind would disappear and it'd be perfect for sitting in the sunshine.

  4. Lovely photos I cannot wait for all out daffodils to come out, I was hoping it would be in time for this months but there werent that many!


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