Friday, March 17, 2017

The Second Baby Grows Too Quickly ♥

Everyone tells you to cherish the baby days because they pass by too quickly. Well, nothing has prepared me for how quickly my second baby has grown up and honestly, I don't know if he can be described quite as a baby any longer.

I don't know if it's because life is so much busier when your second baby comes along, afer all, you already have another child to look after at this point, but those first few months of that second baby's life just race past and suddenly you find yourself having an almost one year old.

This week Beau will be ten months old, meaning that in just two months time he'll be turning one. It honestly doesn't feel like he's been with us this long, despite it also feeling like he's always been here - how does that work by the way?!

But already we're in the fourth season of his life and he's a proper little human being now, able to move, babble, eat by himself and play. He's no longer an innocent little being, lying in a cot, unable to do anything for himself and I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me a bit sad.

In my heart I feel as though Beau will be my last baby and I'm so reluctant to let him grow up, which is awful and selfish of me really, but it's hard to see him trying to copy everything his big brother is doing and wanting to be just like him, when all I want is to snuggle and mother him to my hearts content.

Last week I packed away the beautiful hand-knitted cardigans my Nan lovingly made for the boys and it broke my heart a little. This little baby of mine - who I still very much treat like a baby, is outgrowing and leaving all his babyness behind and nothing has prepared me for how quickly he has grown.

I find myself telling him to - "Stop trying to be a big boy" and he just looks at me with his cheeky little smile. It's different when you feel like this baby may be your last and you want to hang on to those baby snuggles and baby things... but time races by and you're suddenly in a whirlwind of weaning, stained bibs, mountains of toys, crawling and teething and you long for that little newborn again, but they're never coming back and you may never have one again.

I know there's lots more exciting times to come with my second baby - seeing him discover the world around him (right now he has a penchant for eating dirt, leaves and petals...), learning to speak, finding out what he enjoys and likes to do, see him running around and playing chase with his big brother, making friends of his own and expressing himself in his own way and I know all of that will be delightful, just as it was with my first child, but leaving the baby days behind is hard for a mother.

The second baby grows to quickly, so cherish the days with them as best you can. I wish I could do this all over again.



  1. Gosh, time really does fly doesn't it. And weirdly I know from experience that it is so easy to keep looking ahead, wondering when they will smile, babble, crawl, walk etc. And when all that has passed, and we're heading to that 1 year step, it suddenly dawns on us that all that time has flown. Still lots of time to enjoy though; but I agree, cherish the days.

  2. I completely agree, and let me tell you, the fifth baby grows in the blink of an eye!!! xx

  3. Aw, even if he is your last, it must be amazing if a bit frightening to watch Beau's journey unfold x I wish you the best of luck x

  4. Awww. My mummy tried to cherish my last days being a baby too, it's hard when the world is whizzing pass so fast. I bet you guys have some lovely memories to look back on though xx

  5. Time really does go fast. My 2nd baby is 21 this year and my oldest 23. Such a beautiful picture :)

  6. I swear time gets faster with each child. Sebby will always be my baby but he starts school in September. I think I will be shedding a few tears when he does

  7. I feel exactly the same. My youngest I still call a baby and she's now 15 months old. I have no idea where the time has gone. It's so sad x

  8. It honestly flies bye, even though I'm still on the first kid she has grown up way to quickly can't believe she is 3 I. 6 weeks

  9. I love that photo! Gorgeous! About to grab a handful of leaves to try? 😂

  10. Wow 10 months already, that really has gone quick x


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