Friday, March 31, 2017

Me & Mine {March 2017} ♥

This month Jacek is loving:
Sunny weather
A trip to Amsterdam
Having days off together from work
Visiting the Icebar again
Fixing his car

This month I'm loving:
Celebrating my birthday in Amsterdam
Losing weight
Using my Fitbit
Taking lots of pictures outdoors
Our family day out to Kinsale 

This month Tyler is loving:
Starting in a new school
Making new friends
Going to the playground
Getting an ice-cream from the ice-cream van all by himself
His new toy washing machine

This month Beau is loving:
Trying to eat leaves, petals and sticks when outdoors
Playing peek-a-boo with mummy and Tyler
Playing with Tyler's toy washing machines
Being rocked and sung to sleep
All the food!
The Me and Mine Project



  1. Gorgeous photos, loving all the smiley faces!

  2. What gorgeous family snaps among the rapeseed behind you. The yellow is the perfect backdrop for Spring! #meandmineproject


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