Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tyler Lee & Beau | Siblings {February 2017} ♥

It's such a cliché to say, but another month really has flown by - honestly, how are we already halfway through February?! My boys have been siblings now for almost nine months and their relationship continues to blossom and grow, in fact, they have a very close bond now and it's so lovely to witness each day.

Tyler still continues to be an overly protective big brother, still not being very keen for strangers to look at or speak to Beau and he's now begun calling him "his baby", which is quite sweet really, although I'm sure I did all the work?!

He reminds me throughout the day how much he loves Beau and says "he's my best friend" and he hates the thought of them being separated in any way, it's important for him, for us to do everything together and that's just fine with me.

Beau is still the cheeky little brother, smiling and giggling any time he sees his big brother throughout the day. He's very keen to sit by Tyler as he's playing and seems to find it quite amusing and entertaining to watch him running around and playing with all his toys. In fact, yesterday when we went for a walk, Beau was trying to lean forward to look out of him buggy to see what Tyler was doing - I may have to think about using the buggy in forward facing position soon... *sob*.

Tyler gets all his cuddly toys together and pops them next to Beau on a daily basis so that they can pretend they're 'on a bus' or that Beau is in school with his friends and he's the teacher - I love seeing him make up all these scenarios for them both, the imagination of an almost four year old is a wonderful thing!

This months photos were captured in the beautiful and magical grounds of Blarney Castle, a place we visit each February to take Tyler's birthday photos. This was Beau's first encounter of daffodils and he seemed to love the flowers just as much as his mummy does. Although these pictures are far from perfect, I absolutely love them and these captures of my two little boys surrounded by a sea of sunny, yellow flowers is just perfection for me.

Tomorrow Tyler will turn four, so I'll have a four year old and an almost nine month old - no way am I old enough to have children of these ages - where have the years gone?! It'll be interesting to see how the boys relationship grows over the coming year and how grown up they'll both become.



  1. Oh they are just so beautiful - what a gorgeous spot for photos too! Tyler sounds like the perfect big brother, Beau is one lucky little boy :) xx

  2. oh the photos are beautiful. I haven't seen so many daffodils out here yet so I will be on the look out. Lovely little relationship blossoming there. I bet it is a joy to watch <3

  3. Ah no way. Four already tomorrow? Time is flying by too fast. My boy is going to big school in September. So not ready for that. We have a few more things to learn.
    Matthew keeps saying that chloe is his best friend too.
    Tyler and Beau are adorable together. I'm well jealous of the field of daffodils

  4. Their outfits, the yellow flowers their beautiful smiles. These are just darling photos. I love each one. So happy and you can see the bond and relationship growing between them together. Lovely. #siblingsproject

  5. Oh I just love the sprinkling of spring, I cannot wait for the daffodils to come out for us and take some shots too. Beautiful x


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