Sunday, February 19, 2017

Tyler Lee | 4 Years Old ♥

My little angel man, you are now four years old.

How we've already reached this stage in your life, I don't know... it seems as though these first few years of your life have gone by in the blink of an eye and here you are, a walking, talking, independent yet clingy, funny, happy and very loving four year old.

I'm not going to lie Tyler, you're absolutely crazy! You say and do the funniest of things and that creative little imagination of yours never ceases to amaze me. Your obsession with the washing machine is still going strong... (God help us), but at least the washing basket is always empty - quite a feat in a house with two young children I can tell you!

You're such a loving boy and I honestly think that having a little brother has been the making of you. You were unsure of him at first, but now he's your "best friend ever" and you're super protective of him - which I must admit is lovely to see. Having a little brother has taught you how to share, be gentle (kind of!), feel compassion and care towards others and how to show affection in leaps and bounds and I'm honestly so happy that you have a playmate for life.

You're not a man of material things, you never ask for new toys or things and you're honestly happiest when you're playing with your (broken from overuse!) toy washing machines, an empty box of colour catchers, some old clothes and a little basket from the pound shop. I should be happy really, although sometimes the washing machine talk does grate on us all, but for now it's fine and I live in the hope that one day you'll be fascinated by other things besides the washing (please!).

Gone is that little toddler who I loved so much and in his place stands a proper little boy, who I think I may love even more - if that's even possible. Your innocence is charming and wonderful. You're a 'true child' as I would say.

You still play with all your cuddly toys and call them your friends, you make up the most imaginative of scenarios to act out and play, you're unaware of things being gender specific (yay for this because you can like and play with what you want, always), you don't see people as being different and you're always happy to play with anyone you can and even though you exert your independence, you still crave cuddles from Daddy and I and in some ways are still quite 'little' and I love that, because one day, probably soon, you'll no longer want us as much as you do now and I think it might break my heart... just a little.

Your memory is amazing! You know where everything is located - even if we've just visited there once. You remember things from way back in the past, even when you were just a few months old and at times you scare me with just how much you know.

You're not just my son, my eldest boy and my baby - you're my best friend, my adventuring partner and my muse when it comes to taking pictures. I've known you for four years now and I couldn't feel more blessed to be your mother. Yes, there are times when I feel like I can't even deal with you, when your stubbornness is just too much and that 'little old man' trait you have where you think you know everything outweighs your cuteness, but my God do I love you.

Keep being you, keep smiling and being happy. Keep going on adventures and embracing the world around you. Keep being your quirky self and not following the crowd. Keep being imaginative and creative. Keep being the sweet, loving and caring little boy you are and keep being my baby - for another few years at least, please!

Don't grow up too fast, there is no need. Never change, you're perfect just how you are.

I love you, forever and always.


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  1. Happy birthday Tyler Lee, wow I can't believe he is four as I remember reading about him turning two! He sounds like such a delight, beautiful photos xx


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