Friday, February 10, 2017

Dreaming of Beach Days & Tips For Choosing the Perfect Swimwear For Boys ♥

We're in the depths of February and here I am dreaming about sunny and warm beach days - I blame all the Australian people I follow on Instagram and their gorgeous, dreamy beach photos!

Finding the perfect comfortable and sun protective swimwear for my son is something I have to do every summer. We go to the beach quite a lot during the summer and ever since Tyler's first ever visit to the beach, he's been hooked on the foamy waves and the salty sea air.

Tyler absolutely loves going to the beach and jumping into the swimming pool whenever we're on our holidays, so a good quality and comfortable set of swimming togs is an essential for him. When the warm, sunny months and beach days come along, I'm always conscious about covering up his skin from the sun and making sure his swimming togs are comfortable for him.

Before I had Tyler, I always assumed that boys swimwear consisted of just shorts, either long or short, and that was it - oh how wrong I was. I wasn't aware at the time of just how sensitive children's skin is to the sun and just how well it needs to be protective - call me naive for sure!

Luckily, over the years, I've been able to find him some fun and colourful swimwear, consisting of matching tops and bottoms, all with UV protection and sleeves that keep him fully covered from the suns harmful rays, yet still comfortable enough to run about on the beach and go for a paddle or a swim.

Some things I've learnt about boys swimwear over the years are -
To avoid any bottoms which contain mesh on the inside, or if they do, to break it off. I've read some horror stories of boys being caught up in this and it actually causing them an injury - ouch!

Board shorts look super cool but aren't very ideal for swimming as they come down to the knee and inhibit movement a bit. So if you're little one is more interested in playing on the sand and going for a paddle then board shorts are fine, but if they're more into swimming than shorter trunks are more ideal.

For boys bottoms, it's good to find a pair which either have an elasticated waist or a drawstring at the waist - this avoids them becoming loose or falling down, yet still being easy for little ones to get up and down or untie for toilet breaks, etc.

Buying a size up is a good thing to do - especially if you're buying your son shorter trunks, as kids swimwear tends to run a bit smaller than normal children's clothing.

UV protection swimwear is a must, especially if your little one likes to play on the sand is exposed to the sun throughout the day. I also favour long-sleeved swim tops as they keep my son well protected.

I'm hoping that the weather this summer is good to us so that we can enjoy lots of long, lazy beach days. The beach is Tyler's happy place and he's at his most content when he's running around the beach, collecting stones, digging in the sand and jumping into the sea - no matter how cold it is!


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