Monday, January 16, 2017

Weaning the Baby ♥

Weaning has left me feeling a mixture of emotions - the excitement that my baby is growing and exploring new things, and a sense of sadness that my baby may not be such a little baby anymore...

Beau started on his weaning journey back in November when he turned six months. I have to admit, I'm surprised that I was able to hold him off on just milk for that long because he's quite a big boy - not in chubbiness but in length and stature, and he has quite a big appetite too.

I'm going to be totally honest here, I'm winging it when it comes to the weaning. I have no set method to follow and have been giving him a mixture of food on a spoon and finger foods that he can chew on himself, but it's working for him and that's all that matters to me.

I remember weaning Tyler (you can read my posts about weaning him here) and being so organised at pureeing the food and making sure that he tried each flavour individually before mixing them - I've abandoned this completely when it comes to Beau and you know what, I'm not one bit sorry.

I was so careful with Tyler, making sure he tried all the different flavours and foods and he was mostly a spoon fed baby, and now I have an almost four year old who refuses to eat anything bar toast, beans, crackers and cheese, so I'm doing everything different with Beau in the hopes that he'll be a keen and adventurous eater. So far, so good.

Beau is happy to take food from the spoon (ideal for me if I'm trying to get him fed before rushing out the door!), but he's also keen to hold the spoon himself, grab onto foods and mash them up in his hands, as well as chewing onto them - a great reliever for the teething pain. This morning he ate triangles of buttery toast all by himself and very proud of himself he was too.

At first I was a bit reluctant to let him eat by himself - fear of him choking and my OCD self being less than enthusiastic about the mess - but then I realised that the only way for him to really learn to eat is to get messy. Thank goodness for wipe down bibs and I love his Winnie the Pooh Piglet and Tigger ones, both just €1.49 in Dealz - bargain.

I've tried a whole host of pre-made foods with Beau too, as they're just handy to have with us as we always seem to be on the go. One of his favourite baby food brands is Piccolo - who offer organic food filled with lots of Mediterranean goodness.

Piccolo offer foods from stages 1 to 2 and in a host of delicious flavours. Beau's especially a fan of the Spring Greens Pear & Apple, which has a hint of mint in it and the Mango, Pear & Kale, with a dash of yogurt - both of these flavours are from the stage 1 collection.

What I love about Piccolo is that their food is honest and natural, filled with healthy, wholesome ingredients and bursting with delicious flavours that will give Beau an adventurous appetite when it comes to exploring new foods. I love the packaging of their foods too, so colourful.

Piccolo will only be available to buy in stores in Ireland from March onwards, but until then I've been purchasing them on Amazon from £6.41 for a five pack of pouches.

Some people frown upon pre-made baby foods, but I'm of the belief that as long as they're made from natural, healthy and organic ingredients, then what's the difference between me preparing it myself or buying it ready prepared?

Beau is well into his weaning journey now and is able to master texture as well as feeding himself. I may be winging the whole weaning thing this time around, but I honestly feel as though Beau has taken to weaning much better than Tyler did.

Once again, following my mothering gut instinct has given the best outcome for both myself and my baby.


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  1. I never even bothered making food from scratch for Chloe. I learnt from Matthew. He wouldn't eat a thing. Pointless.
    I weaned Chloe with Ellas Kitchen. She is as picky as her brother. Even though her brother does explore food sometimes lately. It gets better. :)


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