Sunday, January 15, 2017

Tyler Lee & Beau | Siblings {January 2017} ♥

January marks the beginning of the first full year of my boys being siblings. They've been siblings now for almost eight months and their relationship grows more and more each day.

Tyler is still very much the protective big brother, with Beau taking up the role of the cheeky little brother. Anytime I see them interact with each other it's evident how much they love each other, with Tyler always wanting to be around his brother, who he calls "lovely" and Beau looking at Tyler with big, wide eyes and little grins.

Tyler regularly tells me that Beau is his best friend ever and he always wants to be around his baby brother, always wanting to include him in his imaginary games and pretend that Beau is his 'customer' in a shop or restaurant. It's very sweet.

Tyler's been noticing that Beau is getting older and changing in appearance too. He spotted the other day that Beau's hair is now going curly and Tyler said - "Beau's hair going to be be like mine mummy". It seems that I'm going have two little curly heads on my hands!

Tyler's dying for Beau to get out and about with him in the garden and play in his new playhouse. He asked me today if Beau was going to walk and I had to explain that he's a little young yet, but I'm betting it won't be long until Beau is following his big brother around.

Beau is now able to sit up unaided, so it sits by Tyler and takes great delight in watching him play - even trying to get his hands on some of the toys too. Hitting the toy pots and pans off the floor is a new favourite pastime of his.

This past month the boys have celebrated their first Christmas and New Year together and although Beau was far too young to understand any of it, it was lovely to have them together opening their presents from Santa and going for New Years walks in the woods.

This coming month we don't have much planned, apart from little walks here and there, but I know that these two boys of mine will have fun wherever we go, even if it's just to the countryside to throw leaves - like in these photos taken just before the cold January rain arrived.

I love watching these two little boys of mine grow up together and as their mother, it makes me so incredibly happy to know that they're already the best of friends.



  1. These photos are beautiful. Their relationship sounds so much like my boys - although Oscar is much younger! But Zach is always telling him that he's his best friend and that he loves him all the way to Jupiter and back! Too cute brothers aren't they?! #siblings

  2. It's lovely seeing relationships blossom as little ones get older. What beautiful photos and even more beautiful hair. Gorgeous little ones xx

  3. Stunning photos of the leaves falling on them. I try this with my two and it always end up no leaves in the shot I love park/forest photos. Your two sound like they are forming a lovely relationship and bond as little one gets older and older. It really blossoms and is great to witness. I look forward to a year of #siblingsproject with yours too.

  4. Stunning photos, as always. Beau is getting so big and Tyler Lee's hair is awesome! x

  5. Aw how sweet, Tyler seems like such a great big brother. It's the best feeling when they start wanting to interact with each other more and more isn't it?! xx

  6. Gorgeous photos, I love the wonder you can see in Beau's eyes. And to have two little ones with that hair will be utterly beautiful x

  7. What fantastic photographs!!

  8. What beautiful photos in the leaves, definite keepers! Tyler seems like a lovely big brother :-) What a gorgeous pair #Siblings


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