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My Daily Blogging Schedule | How I Get 42,000+ Page Views A Week ♥

Back in 2015 I wrote one of my most popular posts ever - My Daily Blogging Schedule | How I Get 25,000+ Page Views A Week, and more than a year on, I thought it was time to do an update and share the new things I've been doing to gain my blog exposure and get people to view it.

I have to admit, last year I was a bit lax with my blog and wasn't writing or promoting as much as I used to and it wasn't until December that I really stepped up my blogging game again, but even in the short space of a month my page views have rocketed due to the work I've been putting in and I couldn't be more delighted with the results.

In my last post, I stated that blog promotion was a lot of hard work, but since then I've found and been using promotion tools which do all the work for me, and to be totally honest, I'm relieved that I no longer have to participate in Twitter retweet threads in various Facebook groups, as some of the content I really wasn't happy about sharing. The threads seemed to turn from bloggers helping bloggers to bloggers helping businesses promote their crap and that really wasn't for me.

However, I will stand by what I said in my last post - you have to work for your blog, not just have it work for you, and this is what I do on a daily basis to make sure that my blog is seen and read by people all around the world.

  • Check stats from the previous day to see how well my blog did and record them in my diary so I can tot up my page views at the end of the month.
  • Prepare and publish a new blog post - I always create and publish blog posts on the same day, as my creativity flows better when I'm not preparing posts in advance.
  • Capture photography for the blog post and social media promotion - this is such an important aspect to blogging that I think some people don't bother with at all, but it's so important for getting people to want to click on your links and read your posts. After all, the visual is what captures a potential reader's attention  first, and what will ultimately make them want to read your words. Photography sessions for me can take up to an hour, depending on what I want to capture. I've been known to take over 600 photos for just one post and believe me, whittling them down to a select few is a job within itself. 
  • Edit photography for the blog and social media. I use the Royale feature on PicMonkey, which costs €66 for the year.
  • Re-read the post before publishing, check the HTML and make sure the layout is just the way I want it.
  • Respond to blog comments.

  • In December I began using a new promotion tool for Twitter, which I discovered by reading this helpful post from Sparkles & Stretchmarks. That new tool was SocialOomph. This allows me to submit tweets and set them up to be published at a time or frequency of my choosing. Twitter allows you to tweet 100 times per hour (but note that retweets are included within this). When I publish a post, I add it to my SocialOomph updates and always select for the post to be shared once every hour. I've also added old and seasonal posts to my SocialOomph updates and have seen great results. Since using SocialOomph I gained 170,000+ page views in December alone - a big increase from my average of 55,000 page views during the previous months of the year. SocialOomph costs €338 a year for the Professional version and €188 a year for the Twitter Unlimited.
  • Respond to comments people have left on my tweets.
  • Retweet some tweets from other bloggers which caught my attention.
  • Follow back relevant accounts which followed me. 

  • Add new pictures to Instagram feeds (I have three accounts) and mention 'link in bio' if I think a post may be relative to my Instagram followers.
  • Add 30 hashtags for maximum post exposure.

  • Add post photography to relevant boards.
  • Re-pin 20+ old pins to new, relavant boards.
  • Re-pin 10+ pins from other people.

  • Add post link to StumbleUpon - however, I only do this if the post is a photography/DIY/Inspirational post. I do not add review or other generic posts to StumbleUpon as they're not inspiring to the StumbleUpon audience. 
  • Give a thumbs up to at least 10 stumbles.

  •  I have to admit, I hate Facebook, so I'm not too bothered about promoting my blog there, but I do post updates to my blog's Facebook page.
  • I also post blog links in various blogging Facebook groups.

  • Respond to emails throughout the day.
  • Send collaborative posts links to relevant PRs and keep them up to date.  
I honestly can't believe how successful this schedule has been for me and just how much by blog has benefited from sticking to all these things.

As I stated above, last month I gained 170,000+ page views, which I think was a result of posting tweets every hour via SocialOomph. Some people may think that this is too frequent, but the way I look at it is - if you're not shouting about yourself or your blog, then who's going to know about it? You must be your own cheerleader to get your voice heard and your blog seen amongst the sea of other bloggers and blogs there are out there.

By 9' o clock every morning by blog has gained over 2,500 page views and knowing that people are reading and visiting my blog because a tweet, pin or Facebook post caught their eye and made them want to read and visit it is a really great thing.

I'm expecting my page views to grow even more this year and will be back with an update in a few months time to share just how helpful SocialOomph and other techniques I'll be using, have been to my blog and I.

I hope this post has given people an insight into all the work that really goes into creating and establishing a successful blog.

It's absolutely amazing to see your hard work paying off and to see that people are interested in your blog and are reading your posts, admiring your pictures and engaging with you on social media. It means an awful lot to a writer or blogger such as myself and I am forever grateful to those who take the time to stop by my blog and for all the opportunities it has given me.



  1. Greta ideas in here! I shall start using some of those tips!

  2. Hey, this is such a great post i have trouble trying to get more views on my blog and this is just perfect thank you so much for sharing your secrets its going to help me alot

  3. These are amazing tips Fi, I was thinking of finding a daily schedule and this one sounds doable and like it could work for me. I have just got social oomph and loving it so far. Twitter has never been my thing but using this takes all the stress away! I'm running a linky called #BlogTipsNTricks, this could be the perfect post of you fancy linking up. Think it could help a lot of other bloggers xxxx

    1. Thanks Kay. Will pop over to your linky x

  4. I'm planning on taking up blog promotion so much seriously. I want to try it for a whole month on it's full potential, or at least as good as I can and see the results. I'm super excited about this!

  5. Interesting post you got here.. I think I really have to work harder in this area.

    Thanks and God Bless!
    JM Kayne |

  6. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips. I keep hearing about stumble upon. I'll have to check it out.

  7. Fantastic post Fiona, your content is so good that you deserve every bit of traffic you get. Your images are also really beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks for the insight! I had wondered how you had managed to tweet so much ;-)

  9. I spend tons of time promoting my blog and YouTube channel about London. A tweet every hour would really annoy my followers and probably cause me to lose them. Your success with such a high amount is really intriguing.

  10. Fab tips lovely! Scheduling has really helped! X

  11. Great tips, I do a lot of this and have seen a bit of improvement! Not much though! I don't have time to do everything every day though! xx

  12. Thank you for your tips. I just recently started a blog and hope to get some exposure - now I have ideas! Your photography work is beautiful!

  13. I have been working on a blogging schedule for a couple of weeks now but keep getting side-tracked by social media (I seem to have the attention span of an amoeba!). Thanks for this...I will use this post to tweak my own.

  14. I found you via Pinterest!This was really helpful. I'm a new mom and have been blogging for years but now I'm getting serious about blogging. I'm working on a rebrand and launching a new blog by march! I'm also really excited to see that you have a good range of categories you write about. So much of what I read says successful blogs have a really narrow topic. Probably mostly true, but I have too many things I want to write about. Your blog is inspiring! Keep it up!

  15. This is a very useful post! However you have A LOT of followers on Twitter so that obviously has a big part in how many views you get.Great tips though.

  16. Wonderful tips. I personally find pre-writing and pre-photographing for my posts work for me, it keeps me well consistent and I like working on a post on a different day to when I post it. I have over 160 pre-written posts. Of course before I publish them I make sure to go over them update if necessary and read of them. Lovely post!

  17. Thanks for this! It was very helpful. I think my biggest issue is getting people to comment on my blog posts. I seem to comment on every blog I see but I hardly get any myself.
    Great blog too by the way!

  18. I found this post really useful to read! I'm gonna try and implement some of these things everyday for my blog


  19. Wow that's really amazing hun. I remember reading your first post thinking wow how does she do it all and now you have done above and beyond that. Sadly I spend every day promoting I do every thing you have listed here and I still don't get traffic even close to half of this I have no idea where I go wrong with it all. Literally do all of these exact things you have written here. You must have the gift girl hahaha Keep going you are doing amazing. You are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  20. This is really handy for a small new blogger like me and I love learning new ways to help promote my content, thank you for sharing <3 x

  21. Wow this is seriously impressive! Congratulations to you, you deserve all your success <3

    X Emma |

  22. hi there! thanks for the info. I was wondering how you have so many boards to pin to if you pin 20+ of your pins to a new blog. Could you please give me an idea how you go about doing that? thank you so much

  23. Super handy tips for the little guys like me. Ive begun scheduling tweets recently and I've seen a huge difference already! 💛 x

  24. Interesting to hear you have had so much luck with Twitter!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  25. Thank you for these tips and the review of Socialoomph. You convinced me to try it out!

  26. Thanks for the tips. These are very helpful!

  27. Great tips, also glad to see there is also someone that dislikes facebook as much as I do x

  28. These are great tips! I really struggle to get my blog seen but I am definitely going to take a lot of these on board:)

    Emily xo

  29. Thanks for these! I actually hate Facebook as well. Waste of time now.

  30. Great post! I'm just getting into the blogging world and this definitely helps me get a sense of what I should be doing to generate an audience! Thanks!

  31. Love this tips, thanks for sharing! I signed up with Social Oomph but the hourly tweet is not working. I had to manually add each tweet hourly, but it won't post duplicate tweets within 24 hours so I changed each one slightly, but then it said it won't post duplicate links within 24 hours... Am I doing something wrong or is this something you're not doing anymore? Appreciate any insight since I thought this was a great strategy to try!

  32. Thank you for sharing these ideas! What an awesome list of ways to reach more people!


  33. I love your tips! -from a soon to be beginning blogger

  34. Amazing tips, so thank you for sharing. Your blog is absolutely beautiful so it's no surprise that you're doing so well. SocialOomph sounds so great! Is it pay monthly, or do you have to pay that sum in one go?

    Han, xo |


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